Posted January 15, 2020

Demolition excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA expands its series of building demolition excavators with the introduction of the new SK550DLC-10 model.

This unit is purpose-built to tear down and dismantle multi-story buildings and is engineered with practical features to increase jobsite productivity and reduce downtime.

Kobelco SK550D demolition excavator
With a reach of up 90 feet, the SK550D demolition machine can make light work of tall buildings.

With a reach of up 90 feet, the SK550D demolition machine can make light work of tall buildings. It is available with the Kobelco unique three-piece separate boom demolition front and high-reach front. The separate boom offers a wide working range and simplifies the demolition of lower and underground levels, while the ultra-long attachment enables the SK550D to demolish levels up to nine stories high.

Large crusher tools, up to 3-tons on the ultra-long attachment and 5.3-tons on the separate boom, can be added for increased power and efficiency during demolition.

The SK550D is equipped with the Kobelco exclusive Next attachment system. Each boom attachment is designed with a block structure that simplifies assembly/disassembly for fast and easy setup and teardown. Side-mounted hydraulic piping can be attached at ground level for ease and safety. The SK550D also features an integrated two-part counterweight; the first part forms a case in which the second part is housed, providing increased transportation options and faster assembly and disassembly. Water suppression is standard and is plumbed from the base machine to the ends of the separate boom and high reach fronts.

Kobelco demolition machines are built to withstand the rigors of the toughest job sites. The SK550D features full track guides to prevent crawler de-tracking, even on the roughest ground littered with demolition rubble. Thick upper frame belly guards, a swivel guard, travel motor guard and cylinder guards provide added reinforcement to ensure durability and protect machine components from debris.

Operators can look forward to staying safe and comfortable in the SK550D, regardless of the work at hand. A new standard cab interference prevention system will sound an alarm and prevent the machine from allowing the working tool to come into contact with the cab during operation. A demolition spec cab with a tilt of up to 30 degrees, stability warning system, rear and right-side cameras as well as boom-, ar- and jib-holding valves are also standard to enhance jobsite safety.

Maintenance on the SK550D is simple and cost effective. An auto-lubrication system automatically greases the upper body at specific times to reduce maintenance time before operation. Easy access to data from the operation management system (KOMEXS) greatly improves ease of maintenance scheduling and ensures a long service life, while easy access to the cooling unit, engine compartment, electrical components, DEF and fuel refilling areas ensure convenient day-to-day maintenance. Cab guards on the top and front windows also open for easy cleaning.