Posted September 16, 2020

LED light towers

Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) features the CPLT V2 and CPLT P2 LED light towers.

The electrical light towers can be powered from an external power supply. This includes plugging into an electrical power source or it can be integrated with any of the CP CPPG portable gas generators.

Chicago Pneumatic CPLT V2 portable job light.
Chicago Pneumatic CPLT P2 portable job light.

The CPPG inverter generators provide a reliable and silent source of AC power below 3 kW. This provides instant uptime and fuel efficiency.

The CPLT V2 includes a 320-Watt LED light source, covering nearly 22,000 square feet. The LEDs can be raised to 18 feet high on manually operated stainless steel vertical mast to achieve maximum coverage in construction and roadwork jobsites. The robust steel frame includes polyethylene bumpers and is designed under the same standards as hardhat canopies. Without the need for straps or fixing systems, a heavy-duty trailer allows this model to hold up in harsh conditions with wind stability up to 50 mph. In addition, the CPLT V2 features wheels, brakes and a handlebar for easy transportation on the jobsite. The compact package allows for 24 units to be transported in one shipment.


.The CPLT P2 also includes high-efficiency 320-Watt LED lights, covering nearly 22,000 square feet for most applications. Providing 360-degree coverage, the unique floodlight can illuminate a much larger area compared to traditional balloons.

The light is designed to last with a heavy-duty mast and a certified wind stability of 31 mph without straps or fixing systems. A weatherproof cylindrical polyethylene housing features built-in cooling. The housing does not require air pressure or complicated mechanisms to operate.

Its compact footprint is easy to transport in any jobsite, weighing only 99 pounds. The manually elevated vertical mast provides a maximum operating height of 11 feet.

These two light towers have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours.