Posted March 23, 2021

Hilti launches improved tool and asset-tracking system

Hilti’s ON!Track 3.0 software delivers asset management, smart inventory checks, custom asset cost reports, and instant access to records for compliance.

As an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, ON!Track Generation 3.0 is a software solution that provides instant clarity and efficiency to the business, while helping reduce operational and overhead costs.

“Through the changes in technology and listening to the feedback from our customers, we have improved ON!Track in every area,” says Thibaud Lefebvre, director of Marketing Tool Services of Hilti North America. “Our customers will experience an integrated cloud-based solution that provides a new level of control and access to information. We’re putting more data-driven insights in their hands so they can make better, safer decisions.”  

Tool crib transparency
With Hilti’s sensor tags and proactive tracking gateways, construction professionals have access to continuous and reliable tracking of all tagged assets in warehouses and containers. The enhanced sensor tags will deliver transparency on how, when, and, where assets are used, while the new proactive tracking gateways enable remote inventory checks and automated reporting. The system was also improved to better track and manage tool accessories, which considerably simplifies the management of stocks and supplies.

Charge for assets daily easily 
Hilti has also upgraded ON!Track 3.0 to help strengthen the control of costs and expenses.  Customers can manage job site asset costs with cost reporting they customize by specific asset, job, and time. By setting up a daily cost per asset, construction companies can run a costing report for any date range and find out what the cost of their assets are at any location.

Stay compliant on the job site 
Additionally, the connected system allows workers to easily access service, maintenance and certification records and set alerts on his or her mobile device to stay compliant. “There’s no question that construction is a uniquely document-intensive industry,” says Lefebvre. “Our customers want instant access to documentation. Now they can pull that up from their phone and show whoever might need to see it that they are compliant.” 

The software is only part of the tool and asset tracking solution. Hilti also offers implementation, training and support to customers in their process of digitizing the management of their equipment. In the last five years, Hilti North America has project-managed more than 2,000 ON!Track implementations.

ON!Track Generation 3.0 is available now throughout the U.S. and Canada.