Posted February 15, 2024

Barreto celebrates 40 years in business

Barreto Manufacturing, Inc. is announcing an incredible 40 years in business, and to commemorate the occasion is giving away a special edition tiller to one lucky equipment rental company.

“Throughout the years in business, there have been joys as well as disappointments and frustrations,” says Greg Barreto, president of Barreto Manufacturing. “However, the dance has well outlasted the pain. It was a lot of hard work and uncertainty. We have had many good years mixed in with a few bad ones. But, through it all, it has been a great learning and growing experience that matured and formed a lot of character in the process.”

Barreto leads a long history of innovation through the years:

  • The first all-hydraulic tiller
  • The first compact all-hydraulic walk-behind trencher
  • The first all-hydraulic self-propelled mini walk-behind trencher
  • The first all-hydraulic, steerable walk-behind trencher
  • The first all-hydraulic automatic-drive micro trencher
  • The first cab-over design mini skid steer

Greg reflects on 40 years in business with his latest article on Barreto’s website. Click here to read Greg’s story.