Posted May 6, 2020

Tandem roller 

The Bomag BW 206 AD-5 AM tandem roller with Asphalt Manager offers new ROPS structure design.

The spacious new platform features a suspended seat with integrated travel lever to slide effortlessly along a back rail, while the seat swivels 180 degrees to give operators direct line visibility to the drum’s edge. The operator’s console and Asphalt Manager display swivels with the seat, allowing the operator to comfortably control the roller and monitor asphalt compaction progress.

Bomag BW 206 AD-5 AM asphalt roller with Asphalt Manager

Asphalt Manager is the most versatile compaction system on the market, allowing the BW 206 AD-5 AM roller to be efficiently used for breakdown, intermediate and finish rolling on high-production asphalt applications. Requiring only the operator to input layer thickness, the system continuously measures compaction progress through the highly effective Evib system and automatically adjusts front drum vibration between true vertical and horizontal as mat stiffness increases. Because vibration can be set to oscillation, the BW 206 AD-5 AM is well suited to compact joints, bridges and around structures sensitive to vibration forces. 

The 84.1-inch wide roller features a large, 55.1-inch drum diameter drum that puts more impact surface area in contact with the asphalt to prevent mat pushing and shoving, delivering a smoother and higher quality mat finish. Asphalt Manager automatically adapts vibration to the roller’s travel direction to prevent bow waves and mat scuffing. When operating with conventional vibration, the roller delivers dual vibrating amplitudes – 0.036 inch high and 0.017 inch low – to tailor compaction energy to mat thickness.

The roller’s 140.8-horsepower diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards. Standard Ecomode operation automatically adjusts engine power output to meet application demands, lowering fuel consumption by up to 30 percent over full power mode and reducing operating noise levels to boost comfort. The engine is mounted on the rear frame, behind the platform, directing hot air away from the operator to improve comfort. This design draws in cool, clean air, offering reliable operation in high ambient temperatures reaching 127F.

The revamped Bomag BW 206 AD-5 AM is designed for maximum uptime availability. Its redundant pressurized water spray system features two pumps that operate independently, allowing the spray system to continue operation in the event one pump encounters a problem. The minimum maintenance design includes no grease zerks that eliminate the need for daily joint lubrication, while all maintenance points can be easily reached from ground level. Rear frame location of the engine compartment offers unobstructed access to service components.