Posted July 9, 2019

Micro scissor lift

MEC Aerial Work Platforms extended its micro scissor lift with the all new Micro 26 slab scissor lift.

There is strong demand for a traditional construction-duty scissor lift that enables work up to 32 feet wth a smaller footprint for easier access and maneuverability. MEC’s Micro 26 fulfills this need with its short length of 74 inches, making it superior in its height class with a compact size almost 2 feet shorter than other 26-foot scissor lifts in the market.

MEC micro scissor lift
MEC’s Micro 26 has a short length of 74 inches, making it superior in its height class being almost 2 feet shorter than other 26-foot scissor lifts.

MEC’s Micro 26 is an innovative alternative to traditional scissor lifts. Like the 1330SE and Micro 19 models, the Micro 26 features a micro footprint. Its ultra-compact design gives easy accessibility in small spaces including personnel and freight elevators. This is a remarkable advantage because of its high level of maneuverability into tight work areas that traditional scissor lifts cannot access.

The Micro 26 is also a better solution over vertical lifts. Its robust scissor design and large platform substantially increases productivity on the job. Unlike mast machines, the Micro 26 features a spacious, true two-person platform with generous work space. Its standard 36-inch roll-out extension deck includes incremental lock positions that maximizes productivity and material usage. Another great benefit of the Micro 26 platform is that it gives 360-degree work accessibility. This allows much higher productivity because the operator is able to move freely rather than being limited to one spot.

With fewer leak points in addition to the optional MEC Leak Containment System, the Micro 26 is preferred for large data center applications and other sites with finished concrete flooring. Direct electric drive is ideal because of its fast drive speeds and quiet operation. Rental companies value the better total cost of ownership for them and their customers. The Micro 26 also gets up to three times the duty cycle with direct electric drive, allowing for more work to get done with less time charging the machine.

This unit complies with the new ANSI standards.

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