May/June 2014 Pro Contractor Rentals

May/June 2014 Pro Contractor RentalsHere are the articles found in the May/June 2014 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine:

Rental Center
All In the Family - Six Brothers Team Up to Grow 13-Location Business

Customer Connect
Rental Lifeline - We Don't Survive If Our Guys Aren't Working

Independent Rep
Born To Rep - Equipment Business Came Naturally

Rental Solution
Help Your Concrete Contractors Cut Deep

Industry Oulook - Generators
Across-The-Board Improvements Increase Value For Your Customers

Rental Solution
Floor Covering Removal Projects - The Right System Can Help Reduce Costs,
Save Time And Go Easier On Your Customers' Crews

Business Management
How Rental Management Software Can Add Value To Your Rental Store:
Fewer Errors, Better Recordkeeping, Pay For Software Investment