High-ROI LED light towers

Powerful LEDs and simplified engine design on the Generac Mobile Products MLT6 light tower family bring more to the bottom line.

The latest members of the Generac Mobile Products MLT6 light tower family are here, and they are designed to maximize profitability. The MLT6SMDS and MLT6SKDS are the latest offerings in Generac’s LED mobile lighting.

Generac MLT6 LED light tower
The MLT6 LED light tower from Generac Mobile Priodcts.

Designed to maximize utilization and minimize operational costs, the light towers feature four powerful 296W LED fixtures, which provide powerful illumination without the hassle of metal halide bulbs. The Generac LEDs are designed to last the lifetime of the light tower, with a 10-year life expectancy and five-year warranty. 

The new MLT6 LED light towers offer many of same benefits of the popular MLT6SMD LED light tower, but with a simplified controller interface and single-speed Mitsubishi or Kubota engine.  MLT6 LED light towers are dependable, durable, easy to service and offer easy-to-use controls. They are outfitted with a 23 foot vertical mast that deploys quickly and easily and is fully rotational from ground level. The four LED fixtures light instantly, so there is no waiting for warm-up, cool-down or restrike. Fixtures are built to last, without glass. The impact-resistant plastic modules are rated IP68 against water and dirt ingress. On top of its cost-effectiveness and easy-to-deploy design, the MLT6SMDS has a polymer cabinet designed to stand up to weather extremes, and the rear flip hood provides easy access for maintenance.