Posted October 15, 2015

Kohler Adds New EFI Engine Models

Kohler Engines is introducing three new EFI models, the Confidant EFI, Command PRO EFI CH440, and Command PRO EFI 999cc. All three use closed-loop EFI technology for enhanced fuel efficiency, greater overall reliability and easier starting in a wide variety of conditions, the company says. 

Kohler ne Confident EFIThe new models are anticipated to deliver an estimated 25 percent in fuel savings when compared to similar Kohler carbureted engines under comparable load. All three models use Kohler’s closed-loop system, which means an oxygen sensor in the muffler continuously monitors the air/fuel mixture. If the air/fuel mixture strays from the ideal level, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system, improving fuel efficiency and power. There are no carburetor-related issues to worry about, of course, plus the "automotive-grade EFI system has a higher tolerance to poor fuel and provides easy, worry-free starting in all conditions – a user can simply turn the key and go,” said Eric Hudak, marketing manager – consumer ride and walk engines. “Plus, our 

The durable new Confidant EFI line will include four engines ranging between 20 and 27 hp and will also encompass an option with recoil starting – the very first engine ever to offer recoil starting in combination with electronic fuel injection.

The company is incorporating its EFI technology into its Command PRO CH440. The 14 hp. CH440 EFI engine, which features Kohler’s Quad-Clean four-stage cyclonic air cleaner, will be the first single-cylinder engine to integrate closed-loop EFI. 

The Command PRO EFI 999cc is a powerful new option designed for large commercial mowing equipment as well as equipment typically found at rental houses, such as chippers and concrete saws. This new EFI workhorse will deliver up to 38 hp. and 55.3 ft-lb of torque.