Posted July 10, 2014

Polaris Ranger Adds Integrated Multipower System 

The Polaris Ranger side-by-side UTV now lets operators power equipment directly from the vehicle's diesel engine with its HIPPO Multipower System.

Operators can flip a switch to power hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and welding equipment. In the ongoing quest from UTV manufacturers to create mobile multi-tools, this option can carry three passengers, 500 lbs in its cargo box, tow a ton, and offers one hydraulic tool circuit, two quick disconnect pneumatic fittings, two 120 volt electric outlets at 20 amps, and one welding console with quick disconnects. The Ranger has a 24 hp diesel engine and provides on-demand, all-wheel drive to haul people, tools and materials around job sites, regardless of terrain. Click here for more information.Ranger Multipower