Posted June 10, 2014

Kubota's Deluxe RTV Offers Power, Comfort

From its 24.8 HP diesel engine and higher ground speed of up to 29 mph to its blue-tinted halogen headlights and attention-grabbing polished alloy wheels, the RTV-X1120D is Kubota's new deluxe model that offers a step up in power, comfort and style.

Kubota RTV The responsive hydrostatic power steering offers more personalized comfort with a tilt-feature. The variable hydraulic transmission offers a wide torque band and large oil coolers that boost performance and durability. Drivers will shift less often and maintain better control with the RTV's transmission gearing - two forward speeds (high and low), plus neutral, and reverse. True 4-wheel drive with a limited-slip front differential and a locking rear differential help reduce wheel spin for greater control when more traction is needed. Half doors on the driver and passenger sides help keep out the dirt, brush, and other external objects, while letting you enter and exit with ease. With the RTV-X1120D's increased speed comes increased dynamic loads; so you and your passenger are strapped in with three-point seatbelts. ROPS meets SAE J2194, OSHA 1928 and ANSI B71.9 standards. Dynamic braking provides additional braking power and greater driving control.The high-rigidity steel frame offers durabillity and longevity while handling heavy loads and rough terrain.  

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