Posted August 24, 2021

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Equipment rentals will be a hot commodity as the pandemic passes and infrastructure funding is approved. Rerental units are a viable way to meet local demand.

Low interest rates. A coming infrastructure bill that will help rebuild our nation’s highways and byways. Pent-up demand for new housing and commercial development. These all add up to promising a very rosy 2022.

MEC boom lift

It’s difficult to cost-justify larger, more expensive pieces of equipment that likely will have limited demand over time. That’s why more rental centers are turning to USM ReRents to obtain the specialized equipment to fulfill customer needs.

Wesley Davis, USM ReRents

““With rerental units, you can be a hero, not a zero, for customers,” says Wesley Davis, regional salesperson for USM ReRents. Davis serves rental centers throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana and Wyoming.

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That’s a good forecast for equipment rental centers, as contractors increasingly look to rent or lease equipment instead of carrying the fully burdened cost of ownership, says Wesley Davis, regional salesperson for USM ReRents. Davis serves rental centers throughout Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana and Wyoming. He’s been in the position almost a year; and in eight months, logged more than 33,000 miles of driving to make new “friends.”

“I don’t have customers, I have friends,” says Davis. He’s already personally met with 335 – and counting – of his new friends, explaining the benefits of using USM ReRents’ larger manlifts and telehandlers and tracked spider lifts to meet customer needs. Most often, 85- and 125-foot manlifts and 10,000 and 12,000-pound telehandlers are in demand.

Davis is no stranger to the equipment rental business, starting out as a mechanic at a rental center 22 years ago. Over the years, he worked his way up and prior to joining USM ReRents, was in rental sales in the Lubbock, Texas area. In that role, he worked with USM ReRents obtaining 125- and 85-manlifts for oilfield work in the Permian Basin as well as units for general construction contractors.

“These are models that customers occasionally need, but when you start to pencil the ROI, it’s a nine or 10-year payback proposition, even for rental houses. When you get that old of a machine, there isn’t much trade-in value left. Rerenting from USM ReRents makes the most sense in these cases. Rental centers remain a one-stop shop for contractors and the rental center has access to larger equipment that doesn’t make economic sense to have in the fleet,” he says. “No one wants to say no to a customer, because if you do, they won’t be your customer any longer. With rerental units, you can be a hero, not a zero, for customers.”

MATT HOLLOWAY, Great Plains Equipment

Matthew Holloway
Great Plains Equipment

Great Plains Equipment
Matthew Holloway, owner of Great Plains Equipment based in Lubbock, Texas, says rerenting allows him to fill customer needs without using up available CAPEX funds. He started this equipment rental business with two skid steer loaders seven years ago; today, he has $8 million invested in his rental fleet.

“We serve customers from Lubbock to Pecos, New Mexico and the Amarillo area. Our customers are oilfield jobbers, construction contractors and DIYers. With renting equipment, we can get some rather unique equipment without owning it,” he says. “We’ve been able to get 122- and 150-foot lifts from USM ReRents. We usually can get it within a day from them. Wes has been instrumental in getting equipment for us.”

Hightower Equipment Company

Dustin Hightower, Hightower Equipment Company
Dustin Hightower
Hightower Equipment Co,

For Dustin Hightower, owner of Hightower Equipment Company, meeting Wes was a very fortuitous move. “Acme Lift sold its fleet to United Rentals, and they were our main supplier for boom lifts over 100 feet and larger telehandlers,” says Hightower.

Hightower Equipment serves a customer base within a three-hour travel radius of Lubbock. “We’ve rerented atrium lifts in the past to schools and auditoriums in a couple of different sizes from USM ReRents. It’s nice to have a company like USM ReRents that has some of this equipment we can utilize that we otherwise couldn’t make it work on paper to purchase.

“We’ve also found that Wesley works hard to help fill our needs.
He has the drive to get things done and is quick to come up with solutions to our customers’ problems, which are also our problems,” Hightower says. 

KC Light Towers

Mike Callaway, KC Light Towers
Mike Callaway
KC Light Towers

Mike Callaway, owner of KC Light Towers, rents a wide variety of equipment to oil business customers from Artesia, New Mexico to the Big Lake area in Texas. the fleet includes approximately 60 manlifts and telehandlers; he and augments the fleet with 10,000- and 12,000-pound capacity units from USM ReRents as needed.

“The oil business is so fluid, demand goes up and down. We typically have between 20 and 30 percent of our rentals filled with USM ReRents units, but it can be as high as 50 percent when refineries do plant turnarounds,” he says.

He’s found USM ReRents very easy to work with. “It’s easy to see what’s available for rerent. When it comes to maintenance, our mechanics work closely with USM ReRents’ part representative and I don’t have to get involved. If there is an issue, they take care of it,” he says.

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