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Product Focus: Hardware and Software

Products and services from Record360, A1A Software, Market Line Computers, CalAmp, Sycor, InTempo, ZTR, Telematics, DPL Telematics, Rovitracker, JLG and Kubota for the rental equipment industry.


Equipment damage app
Record360 has completely redesigned and reimagined its mobile app and web experience that company sources say sets a new standard for quality, performance and user experience. Record360 enables rental companies to easily settle damage disputes, track the condition of equipment over time and streamline the entire rental process, all from an easy-to-navigate, customizable mobile app and web experience.

Put your rental inventory online
Market Line Computers offers its Total Rental for Windows module that gets rental inventory on the web fast and easily. Users simply set it up once and Total Rental Web does the rest, automatically posting descriptions, rates, availability and photos daily. It also allows browsing by category and places items in a cart. Customers can choose dates and post notes; inquiries are emailed directly for fast and easy handling. The system can also double as an automated internet backup system.

Total rental software
A1A rental software

Telematics app
A1A Software LLC, has released its first mobile device application for users of iCraneTrax, the company’s fleet management software with CRM, Dispatch, and GPS capabilities. With the iTeleTrax app, customers can access six different information pages from their Apple or Android mobile device. The iTeleTrax app includes a fleet map overview of key service items, engine hour and maintenance notifications, DMI engine codes, fleet position for location tracking and a summary page. Specific features and information displays vary depending on the OEM and telematics system on the equipment. The app is available from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Users log in with their iCraneTrax credentials.

Web-based fleet management
The iOn Suite is a web-based, fleet and asset management application available through a monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model. This unique offering bundles various telematics services including: CrashBoxx, Driver Behavior Scorecard and iOn Tag with the addition of a dedicated Customer Success Manager to extend the service value proposition. With iOn Suite, telematics devices are now tightly integrated with the telematics services so operators can create a reliable and sustainable business environment with greater visibility into the management of their drivers, vehicles, peripheral assets and tools to avoid costly project delays.

CalAmp telematics software
Sycor  software

Fast software implementation
The Sycor Express service from Sycor Americas offers rental companies an integrated, world-class Microsoft Dynamics system that can be implemented quickly. It’s possible to implement it with little to no customization for less than $300,000, Sycor sources report. This includes on-site analysis, system configuration, key user training and testing, and go-live support. The result is a full working system that maps all your business processes in 6 to 8 months. The solution, Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, allows you to manage your rentals, service, finance, sales, inventory, and fixed assets in one platform backed by Microsoft.

Front-to-back rental software system
InTempo Enterprise is ERP rental software empowers companies to connect all aspects of their business from the front counter to the back office. InTempo Enterprise enables you to manage all aspects of rentals, sales, and service; track the repair, relocation and disposal equipment; and get insights into the true costs and profitability of each machine. It can track parts and merchandise, fully account for inventory via cycle and spot counts, create scheduled maintenance steps by equipment types and keep logs. It can keep accounts payable and receivable and general ledger unified in real time. It can also create custom reports and dashboards and can be used to put a mobile app in the hands of your employees.

InTempo software

Low-cost telematics
ZTR offers the M7, a smaller, more powerful telematics device with flexible options and global coverage that is affordable. Backed by years of proven industry experience, the M7 is a rugged, yet small unit that installs in tight spaces. It uses the latest wireless technologies and powerful processing capabilities, includes Bluetooth and can connect and control equipment via physical I/O, J1939 or Modbus. The single piece of hardware allows users to monitor any machine type from any location and adapt user applications in response to growth over time, eliminating the need to invest in additional devices as business and industry needs change. With global coverage and connection to the ONE i3 platform, the M7 delivers value that moves beyond minimal data collection to provide a clear picture of usage, safety, productivity, performance, assets and more – all in a cost-effective, compact device.

Compact, affordable, battery-powered GPS tracking
AssetView Mini is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The tiny, portable GPS unit is completely self-contained and may be hidden on any asset, installing in seconds. It combines multiple technologies to maximize battery life while operating and remaining active in extremely low power modes. The unique solution is a powerful tool to reduce theft, prevent loss and manage inventory. The Mini is powered by three AAA 1.5V batteries, rather than requiring constant charging or a proprietary power source. Low power notifications remotely alert customers if the batteries get low so they know when to change them, well in advance of depletion. The AssetView Mini’s proprietary Adaptive Tracking technology increases its reporting frequency when movement is detected and automatically reduces it when stationary. This intelligence delivers long battery life while actively alerting on curfew violation, movement or geofence breach as well as allowing the user to switch to recovery mode remotely.

Asset View
Rovitracker screen

Track assets with low airtime fees
RoviTracker has integrated its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to allow customers to track thousands of assets on a minimal airtime fee. Rovitracker offers a small BLE device that can work for five years on a replaceable battery. The device allows users to track small assets, such as ladders, small generators, hand drills and even material goods as well as high-capital assets at construction sites.

Augmented Reality app
JLG Industries, Inc. introduces its Augmented Reality (AR) app, its latest introduction in the company’s expanding portfolio of connected solutions that provide customers with mobile phone and/or tablet-based productivity and safety advantages on the job site.

The augmented reality app offers several tools to improve safety, productivity, and job site efficiency that includes machine visualization that allows users to place a to-scale 3D model of their selected machine into their work environment.

The accessory visualization allows users to visualize how accessories for booms, scissors and telehandlers, such as bolt-on fall arrest, swing carriages, fork-mounted buckets, and pipe racks will look on the machine, facilitating better purchase or rental decisions. A decal viewer allows users to scan decals for operation and safety information in their preferred language. The system also offers controls viewer and operation guidance an assists with annual inspections. The augmented reality app will be available in the Apple App Store for the Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad in Spring 2020. An Android app is planned for future release.

JLG Augmented view
Kubota engine app

Kubota engine app
The power of the Kubota Engine Americas service organization is now available on a mobile application that provides customers with the ability to easily locate a dealer close to wherever they are. Registering your Kubota powered product enables users access to the Kubota Knowledge Center that contains all registered product information such as engine operator manuals, service maintenance schedules and product machine manuals when available. The app can be downloaded by searching “Kubota Engine America” on Google Play or the App Store.


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