Hilti shares vision, new products

A look inside Hilti reveals time-saving and value-building systems, products and programs.

Hilti opened its doors to select business editors from across North America for its Hilti 2017 Innovation Days September 19 and 21, 2017 at its research and tool service center facilities that it opened in 2015 in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

Previously located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hilti management made the strategic decision to move its marketing, research and development and tool service center to the Dallas area to be able to attract more top-notch talent, be located in an easy-to-reach metropolitan area and to be closer to construction customers in the burgeoning Dallas-Fort Worth market that’s reported to be the fifth largest in the United States.

The new offices are designed for collaborative work, depending on the discipline. The software development group’s work area is set up differently than other departments' work areas to better accommodate the culture and workflow in which professional, high-level programmers and applications developers have been trained to work. Aesthetics are open, warm and offer public and private spaces that assist employees in their professional and personal lives.

The second day was a series of informational tours of its new product  testing and tool center repair facility located in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Visiting media toured its highly secure test facilities used in the development of firestop components, anchors, fasteners and installation systems and even witnessed a firestop performance test as well as a variety of other vibration and seismic-related tests for fastener research. Hilti reports it the only UL-certified testing laboratory outside of the Chicago-based Underwriters Laboratories.

Coming tools
Editors received a sneak peek at tools coming in the Hilti line, many of which will take advantage of Tool Connect, Hilti’s cloud-based tool recording system that offers tool use history, geo-tracking and other features.

Tool by tool, here’s a sampling of what’s coming by 2018 World of Concrete:

Top Track fire stop seal: The Hilti CFS-TTS top track seal is a fire stopping system that fits easily over the top track for wall systems that will create a fire- and smoke-rated ceiling joint in drywall installations. Launched just 6 months ago, it replaces using caulking products in top track installation and also helps reduce sound transfer between rooms.

Hilti casting sleeves
Hilti casting sleeves simplfy firestop installation.

Casting sleeves for firestop: Its third- generation CFS SID casting system can be used for PVC or metal sleeve protection. The sleeve design makes it simple to install before pouring or after core drilling to create a firestop through wall penetrations. It takes little to no training for correct installation. Learn more

Range meter upgrade: Hilti’s new PDCS range meter is a cellphone-sized device with a 650-feet range with .04 inches variance over 33 feet (0.8 inch over 650 feet). It allows point image capture as well as overall area image capture with note-taking capabilities, which can then be labeled and saved in a variety of formats and sent via email attachment or through DropBox via BlueTooth technology. Learn more

Hilti laser distance meter
 Hilti PDCS range meter.

Rotating green laser for interior use: The Hilti HGSVG green laser offers a 360-degree rotating line for work ranging from 50 to 490 feet.

The green laser is preferred by interior contractors and workers because the green line is four times more visible to the human eye than red lasers.

Shock-resistant materials inside and outside of the unit protects the laser’s accuracy from drops and hits.

If the laser goes out of calibration, the laser flashes to indicate service is needed. Learn more

Hilti green laser
Hilti green laser.

Green four beam line laser: The Hilti PM40MG multi-line laser casts a green laser line to provide layout lines for horizontal and vertical applications. It uses Hilti’s 12-volt cordless battery platform for power. 

Hilti DX 5 smart tool
Hilti DX5 powder-actuated tool with Hilti's Tool Connect makes tool maintenance easier.

Smart powder-activated tool: A service module comes to the well-known DX5 powder-actuated tool models and offers predictive service capabilities to assure long, productive tool life. It records number of fastening events and when the tool reaches 2,500 fastenings, it notifies the user the tool needs to be cleaned in the field. Further, the tool can work with the Tool Connect app on a smart phone to offer users proper cleaning methods and use instructions as well as the ability to schedule the tool for tool inspection by Hilti after 30,000 uses. Learn more

hilti BX3 tack-fastening tool
Hilti BX3 track-fastening tool.

Battery-powered fastener tool: The BX3 battery-powered fastener tool introduced last year, will feature an upgraded model built specifically for fastening steel to concrete in interior track-fastening applications. The tools use two 800-psi springs that are compressed by a belt system that allows bump-firing speed for fastening, Unlike powder-actuated tools, no certification or licensing is needed for operation and there is no gas cartridge disposal – or smell – associated with gas-powered fastening tools. It has low recoil and can place approximately 750 fasteners per battery charge. It can also use longer nails and can place fasteners up to 30 percent faster than other battery-powered fasteners. Learn more

Hilti TE 30A combi-hammer
Hilti TE 30A combi-hammer.

36-volt combi-hammer: The TE30A cordless combi-hammer offers the same power as the Hilti TE30 unit, but weighs nearly a pound less. With the new 36-volt B35.6 battery, it  provides the fastest rotary hammer drilling speed available. Learn more

Expanded BIM data capabilities: Hilti continues to develop data that can be readily imported into building information modeling (BIM) systems so building designers, architects, engineers and contractors can more effectively estimate materials, predict system clashes and speed building layout.

It continues to build its library of product data that can be easily transferred into the various AutoDesk programs such as Revvit, MEP CAD and NavisWorks. Once the data is confirmed through BIM, it can be transferred to Hilti robotic layout tools, such as the newer PLT300 or older POS100 or 180 units for in-the-field layout. 

Hilti Advanced compact battery
Hilti 3.0 amp-hour Advanced compact battery.

3.0 amp-hour 22-volt Advanced Compact battery: 
For those professional users wanting the power of the Hilti Industrial Class 5.2 amp-hour battery without the weight, Hilti introduces its 3.0 amp-hour Advanced Compact battery that offers nearly industrial-class performance in a battery that is similar in weight to the 2.6 amp-hour compact battery. Learn more

Tools for Table 1 compliance for silica exposure: 
Hilti has developed submittal plans for a a variety of systems that can be used to minimize/eliminate silica dust exposure to workers.

It introduces seven vacuum models that meet or exceed OSHA Table 1 compliance standards when used in specific combinations of tools and work practices for the drilling job at hand. Learn more

Hilti shares some helpful links to help contractors reduce silca exposure to workers:

Link to Silica white paper
Link to Hilti/OSHA ROCS press release
Link to Hilti Submittal package
Link to DRS brochure
Link to Written Exposure control template

Hilti impact wrench with digital capabilities
Hitli SAW6AT smart torque wrench.

Digital torque wrench offers accuracy, recordability of torque events: Editors were treated to the first North American look at Hilti’s coming SAW6AT torque wrench. The unit uses a smartphone-sized “Brain” that slides on between the torque wrench and the 22-volt battery pack, empowering the tool to offer Mechanical Safe Set control for fastening torque accuracy.

With the system, users can scan the QR code on the Hilti fastener box and program the torque wrench to consistently deliver precise fastener torque. The unit signals when the fastener has been torqued correctly with a green light, auto-stops the tool and emits a tone. When the unit is introduced, it will allow users or others to download torque records for building and certification documentation.

Hilti task light
Hilti task light.

Task light: Hilti adds the new SL 2-A22 task light that packs a great amount of illumination into a very small package. I’ can be used on the ground, hang it by its integrated hook, or hold it in a free hand to put the light just where you need it to get the job done.

The fully-adjustable LED panel rotates to provide 360 degrees to get the light where you need it and pivots to put lumens of color-accurate white natural light exactly where it’s needed while staying cool to the touch. A three-position switch lets you select the right amount of light based on your needs.

The SL 2-A22 is ideal for lighting up dark work areas, inspecting paint and other surface finishes, and many other applications. It’s backed by Hilti’s 20/2/1 year warranty.
Learn more

DG15W floor grinder: This new Hilti model was designed for heavy, serial floor-grinding jobs. Its shroud effectively creates a surrounding system that makes dust control easy and is easy on the user.

Cordless concrete grinder: The 36-volt AG600 A36 portable concrete grinder offers dependable grinding for small jobs with excellent silica dust control. Learn more

Cordless rotary hammers: The TE 538-36 is Hilti’s 36-volt unit for a variety of rotary hammer jobs. Its onboard dust control system makes it extremely portable and maneuverable, especially for overhead drilling tasks. The TE 24 A22 is a rotary hammer system like the TE 5 3-36 system, but uses the 22-volt cordless batteries for power.

SDS Max tools For heavy-duty concrete drilling tasks: Hilti will be offering the TE60 AVR and ATCVR models that have active vibration reduction and a patented torque control option that greatly reduces binding issues with bits.

It can be used as part of the coming Hilti Safe Set system by using the hollow bit, which is a Zero Cleaning Rod system that eliminatedsblow-brush-blow steps for specific Hilti anchor installations. Learn more

New Hilti electrician's tools

Hilti will introduce power tools to cut and crimp heavy electrical cables as well as make electrical cabinet knockouts simple and easy. 

Electrician tools: Users have been asking for a system that allow Hilti users to takeadvantage of the 22-volt tool platform to cut heavy electrical cable, crimp connectors and make knockouts in electrical cabinets.
In 2018, Hilti will introduce a 6-ton cutter and a 6-ton crimper that can download Safe Set torque data on QuickBolt TZ and QuickBolt 3 crimping systems.

Dry concrete cutting and coring options: Hilti offers dry cutting and and drilling solutions as well wet cutting and coring alternatives, some of which eliminate the need for blow-brush-blow hole cleansing for chemical anchor installation. Learn more

Table 1-complaint breakers: Hilti has also developed specific shrouding systems that fit its TE1000 and TE3000 breakers. The bit shroud is easy to replace because it can be damaged or worn by extended breaker use. 

The units feature Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology that helps concentrate power to the breaker bit while reducing vibration transfer to the operator.

Hilti Connect: This system uses a smartphone app to gather tool information from a near-field communication (NFC) tag on the tool and ties it back to the tool owner to offer tool history and use information.

Presently, 80 Hilti  tools have NFC identification tags and more will be added as new tools are introduced. Plus, as tools come back into Hilti for predictive or schedule service or repairs, NFC tags will be added to the tool for future use.

The app will also allow the user to place a repair order and issue a repair tag and mailing label to the user for shipping. It is part of the Hilti 20-2-1 20-year warranty, 2-year parts and service, and one-day repair warranty.

Hilti anchors for masonry: The new Hilti HY270 chemical anchor system for masonry improves installation and loading capabilities. Improved technical information allows its use in more severe applications in masonry and allows users to use a hollow drill bit for anchor installation without the blow-brush-blow step.

With its advanced screw tube design, users can  mate tubes to meet specific fastener applications that require a deep insertion of the fastener. Its design creates a plug on the back side of the hole that is twice as large in diameter as previous HY70 anchors, increasing breakout forces.

Hilti also offers engineers free testing of this system in various types of older or soft masonry to establish load-bearing capabilities for seismic or other reinforcement work.