Pressure Washers/Pumps

Pressure Washers

Versatile pressure washer 
Generac Power Systems has expanded its line of professional- grade pressure washers to include the 3600 PSI Professional Series unit.

Pressure washers
The new Stihl RB 600 and RB 800 gasoline-powered pressure washers combine power, performance and ease of use for the toughest commercial and industrial cleaning jobs.

Pressure washers and inverter generators
Check out Billy Goat's new pressure washers and inverter generators for the rental market at the 2017 ARA The Rental Show.

Pump-free system for pressurized water
The Hose 2 Go pressurized water system from Makinex Construction Products can provide up to 30 minutes of water for a variety of jobsite use, sources report.

Mi-T-M's New All-Electric Belt Drive Pressure Washers
Mi-T-M's HAE Series Pressure Washers are all-electric belt drive pressure washers that come standard with heat exchanger cartridges to provide consistent and efficient hot water on-demand.

Mi-T-M Adds to Cold Water Pressure Washer Line
Mi-T-M Corporation's CWC Premium Series now includes the new 7000 PSI CWC cold water pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning challenges. 

New Pressure Washer Added to Briggs & Stratton Pro Series
3600 PSI, 2.5 GPM commercial-grade pressure washer powered by a 6.5 hp Vanguard engine that uses TransportGuard to protect the engine from oil and fuel dilution during transit.

Makinex Adds New 2500 PSI Pressure Washer to Its Line
Following up on its DPW-4000 surface cleaner, Makinex has introduced a 2500 PSI pressure washer to its line. Lighter and more compact, the DPW-2500 combines a rotary cleaner and wand in the one machine with the ease of swapping between them at the turn of a handle.

Brave Adds Pressure Washers to Product Line-up
Brave has added a line of pressure washers. Six cold-water models and two hot water models are available. All are manufactured in the U.S. and sizes are available to fit a variety of applications. 


Small range dewatering pumps
Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) has introduced WEDA, a small range of five dewatering pumps.

New submersible pumps
Yamaha offers more options with three all-new electrical submersible pumps.

Explosion-proof electric submersible pumps
The XP-JX Series from BJM Pumps are FM-approved for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D hazardous locations.

Construction pump
The Yamaha YP40T construction pump uses a 357cc, OHV 4-stroke engine that is quieter, more powerful, and consumes less fuel than comparable engines, Yamaha sources report.

Dewatering pumps
Brave has adds trash pumps to its line-up of log splitters, pressure washers, trenchers and earth augers.

Clog-free construction pump
Site Drainer offers the new SD200T and SD2000T tethered pumps.

Pump-free system for pressurized water
The Hose 2 Go pressurized water system from Makinex Construction Products can provide up to 30 minutes of water for a variety of jobsite use, sources report.

Four New Water Pumps from Generac
New water pump designs simplify the water removal process for professional and DIY use. The need for quick and easy water transfer becomes particularly important during the wet spring season. 

New Submersible Slurry Pumps 
BJM Pumps' new XP-SKX Series are designed and engineered for superior corrosion resistance, solids handling, and reliability. The XP-SKX Series are now offered with an explosion-proof motor, for installation in Class I, Division 1, Group C & D hazardous locations.

BBA Offers New Solids-Handling Pumps
BBA Pumps introduces a new line of electrically-driven, solids-handling pumps. These auto-prime pumps have a capacity of 100 m3/hour to a maximum of 6500 m3/hour.

Atlas Copco WEDA small pump range
Atlas Copco’s WEDA electric submersible pumps – the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps, the WEDA 04B residual pump and the WEDA 04S and 08S sludge/trash pumps – are the newest additions to the company’s line of pumps for professional users.