Posted October 7, 2015

Stackable LED Light Tower Offers Cost Efficiencies

NextGen has introduced a stackable light tower that uses an efficient generator coupled with LED technology to provide up to 300 hours of runtime on 40 gallons of fuel, the company says. The towers are stackable (patent pending), allowing 34 units to be hauled on a flat bed trailer.

ng lite tower stack
Unique stackable design improves transport efficiencies.
 3.5 kW genset Kubota on next gen
 Kubota-powered 3.5kW generator with side access
next gen led lite tower
One of the new light towers can fit in a 6-ft. bed.

The unique design allows eight to 12 units to fit on a standard trailer that can be pulled by a pick-up truck; one unit can fit a 6-foot long pick-up truck bed. And in the yard, they can be stacked up to five units high to help save storage space.

Nearly two years were invested in working with rental yards, the company reports, to understand their needs. Feedback showed that the cost of hauling light towers, the time and money required for fueling while the towers were on rent, were key items. The stackable design makes transport more cost efficient and the patented Kubota powered 3.5kW, water-cooled diesel generator set reduce fueling costs. The company says fuel consumption will be about one-fourth of a standard light tower and delivery costs can be cut in half.  One unit can power three light towers, with one running and two ‘daisy-chained.’

The tower also features one-side service for easy maintenance, from 50,000- to 100,000-hour bulb life with LEDs, Shore power connectors that allow for silent running from standard 120V power, power-tilt stainless steel mast and hardware, and fork lift pockets on all four sides for loading or moving. 

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