Posted March 27, 2014

Chicago Pneumatic's New CPS 2.0 portable compressor

Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new CPS 2.0 portable air compressor, which combines robust build quality with easy, efficient and environmentally-friendly operation. 

cps 2.0 portable compressorThe new portable compressor is designed for use on construction sites and in similarly demanding environments where a convenient and reliable source of compressed air is required.

“In developing this innovative portable compressor, we were aiming from the outset to deliver ‘the power of simplicity,’’’ said Wim Thijs, Chicago Pneumatic product marketing manager – air. “So we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the CPS 2.0 is simple to use and maintain, is strongly built, and has a long service life even in tough operating conditions. In short, we’ve designed our new CPS 2.0 compressor to provide users with a convenient source of pneumatic power whenever and wherever they need it.”

To ensure the portable compressor can be conveniently positioned wherever it is needed, even on the most challenging of sites, the CPS 2.0 features high ground clearance, which allows it to be towed easily over difficult terrain. The compressor also includes a lifting point so that it can be moved into place by crane if necessary.

The new compressor has a simple but effective control panel incorporating a start switch, hours-run counter, pressure gauge and control light, and offers hassle-free starting. There is no load switch and there are no valves to be adjusted before starting – all that’s needed is to turn the start switch.

Other key features include a spillage-free frame that ensures no oil, coolant or fuel can leak onto the ground and cause contamination; modular construction that allows easy customisation, if required; and a top cover with a large angle of opening to provide easy access to all major components for maintenance.

Stringent measures have also been taken to maximize the reliability of the fuel supply system. The translucent 28-litre fuel tank, which is marked with five-litre gradations to allow easy checking of the fuel level, is removable for easy cleaning. It has a large filling aperture and an integral strainer to guard against fuel contamination, and is complemented by a fuel filter with an air vent that works together with the electric fuel pump to ensure easy starting.

The new Chicago Pneumatic CPS 2.0 portable compressor uses a fuel-efficient Kubota engine with a maximum speed of 3,400 rpm. It has a nominal working pressure of 7 bar, and a free-air delivery (FAD) rate of 2 m3 per minute. The compressor is also provided with two G¾-inch air connections.

Options include a fixed tow bar with overrun brakes, a utility mount, a tool lubricator and a cold-start feature usable at extreme winter temperatures. The compressor can also be supplied in CE road homologated versions, with road lights, wheel chocks and a safety chain.

Chicago Pneumatic also offers a large range of pneumatic tools that are ideal for the use with the CPS 2.0 compressor, including, chipping and rotary hammers, core and surface rock drills, pneumatic breakers, rivet busters, scabblers, tampers and concrete vibrators.