Posted March 24, 2015

Terex Site Dumpers Now Available in North America

Designed as dedicated dump and haul vehicles, Terex 6-ton site dumpers can efficiently move materials around job sites. Featuring Tier 4 Final 74-hp JCB EcoMAX turbo-charged diesel engines with hydrostatic transmissions, the Terex TA6 and TA6s site dumpers have a 13,229-lb payload capacity (a 4.9 cu. yd  heaped capacity on the TA6 and a 4.6 cu. yd. heaped capacity on the TA6s) and 16.3 mph travel speeds.

terex site dumperBy adjusting the power band on these dumper units, operators can achieve the performance they need to get the job done without costly and complex exhaust after-treatment systems. The TA6 model is a forward-tip discharge site dumper — this set-up features a forward tipping mechanism that is designed to accurately place high volumes of jobsite materials.

The Terex TA6s unit is a swivel-tip site dumper, which offers operators the ability to tip the skip forward or through 90 degrees to place the load to either side of the machine. 

With 295 lbf-ft of torque, 15.2 in of ground clearance and 25 percent gradeability, these new Terex site dumpers offer versatiliy for various job sites. They can be matched with skid steers, wheel loaders, backhoes or excavators to quickly load jobsite materials for transfer, helping reduce material movement cycle times.

The TA6 is 14.5 ft long, and 7.5 ft wide with a 19.2-ft turning radius. The TA6s is 14.9 ft long, 7.2 ft in wide, and has a 18.8-ft turning radius, capable of working on limited-access sites. Both models also feature a low center of gravity, center articulation, +/- 10.5 degrees of oscillation and permanent 4WD for maneuverability and traction.They have a heavy-duty chassis, thick steel side walls and heavy-duty steel front and base plates for job site durability. And with no gear stick or clutch pedal, these new units can be easily operated by a wide range of users.

These site dumpers feature a rugged automotive-style Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) dashboard complete with hour meter, coolant temperature gauge and fuel level readout. Early warning alerts, such as water-in-fuel and air filter blockage, help prevent costly downtime. In addition, a user readout panel provides real-time machine information, while Engine Control Unit (ECU) technology will manage performance data to improve uptime and reliability. Oil-immersed disc brakes on both axles provide high-performance braking, as well as a folding ROPS for ease of transportation. These dumpers are engineered to offer ground-level access to all service points for ease of maintenance.

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