Posted March 22, 2016

Flexaust Portable Heater Duct

Flexaust offers a new temporary heater duct for commercial and industrial rental use.

Flexaust Springflex FX-400It provides smooth airflow to keep workers more comfortable at all types of construction sites and remote oil industry applications.

Flexaust Springflex FX-400 Portable Heater Duct is a urethane coated polyester blower hose featuring closely sewn flap construction and a smooth interior for optimum airflow. Ideal for use at construction sites during cold weather, this temporary heater duct has a belted cuff for easy attach-ment to the heater and a safety orange wear strip for drag resistance.

Moisture resistant and UV stabilized to prevent mold and mildew, Flexaust Springflex FX-400 Portable Heater Duct operates from -60°F to 400°F and is flame retardant per ASTMD6413. Offered in 12” to 24” I.D. sizes and standard 25 ft. lengths in black with a safety orange wear strip, this temporary heater duct is available with a variety of end finishes.

Flexaust Springflex FX-400 Portable Heater Duct is priced according to size and quantity.