Posted January 6, 2015

Compressor "AI" from Rotair

Rotair’s new D185T4I (Tier 4 Interim) and D185T4F (Tier 4 Final) 185 cfm portable air compressors are equipped with “Automatic Intelligence,” a microprocessor-based system that prevents potentially damaging “blowback” by ensuring that the compressor is not shut down under full load. 

The AI also provides automatic warmup and loading; the system will not pressurize, or load, until the engine has run for about 25 seconds and compressor oil has been circulated, a protocol that can potentially lengthen the life of key components.

Essentially, these compressors load and unload automatically, eliminating operator decision, and potential damage to the environment, and the compressor. in conjunction with, and as an integral part of, the “Automatic Intelligence” system, Rotair Compressors also employ a “Minimum Pressure Check Valve” which can prevent solids and liquids from being ingested into the compressor, preventing damage and resulting down time.

These new Rotair compressors were designed in the U.S. by rental professionals with more than 100 years of combined rental experience, and are built in an ISO9001 manufacturing facility that employs world-class procedural standards.

Rotair compressors offer fuel efficiency, quiet operation, compactness, reliability and performance. Features such as curb-side controls provide greater operational safety by getting operators out of the street. And, Rotair’s design offers unparalleled accessibility and resulting quick rental turn-around. 

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