Product Focus: Trenchers

Vermeer RTX series trencher

Pedestrian trenchers
Vermeer offers the RTX130 and RTX200 pedestrian trenchers that are available with 24- to 36-inch cutting booms and 6-inch cutting widths. The track system improves maneuverability and offers a more consistent cutting depth. The units are available with track or rubber tires. The RTX130 has a 13 horsepower Honda engine and pairs well with a 24- to 30-inch trenching boom; the RTX200 has a 20-horsepower Kohler engine and can be paired with a 30- to 36-inch trenching boom. Vermeer offers chain options that can be matched to soil conditions.

Barreto STK track trencher

Track trencher
The compact Barreto Manufacturing STK track trencher weighs 1,086 pounds and offers the same key features as Barreto’s larger track trencher. The track system and frame provide stability and maneuverability; the adjustable trenching controls (ATC) allow adjusting track speed on the go so the operator can cut a straight trench on uneven terrain. The floating track system keeps the track in contact with the terrain, reducing ground pressure and increasing traction. Components are protected yet easily accessed and maintenance costs are minimal. Electric start is standard.

Turf Teq 1305SP trencher

Self-propelled trencher and more
The Turf Teq 1305SP self-propelled forward-walking trencher/edger can trench up to 7 inches deep. Available with four blades: ½ inch wide by 5 inches deep, 2 inches wide by 5 inches deep, 2 inches wide by 7 inches deep and 5 inches wide by 5 inches deep. The trencher has a 13 horsepower Honda engine and a hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. It can also be used as a landscape power edger, power broom, power rake, brush cutter and snow plow.

Brave trencher

Shallow trencher
The Brave BRPT704H walk-behind trencher is a lightweight, pulley-driven unit that can trench up to 20 feet per minute. It is easy to use and can be easily loaded, unloaded and operated by one person. It can cut from 4 inches to 7 inches deep with the standard easy-to-change tungsten-carbide rotor. Its design provides maximum stability with minimum turf damage. Optional specialized rotors can be used to bury cable or pipe, prune roots, grind small stumps, define landscape beds and install edging, invisible dog fencing or sprinkler systems.

Ditch Witch CX Series trenchers

Walk-behind trenchers
The Ditch Witch CX-Series walk-behind trenchers from Charles Machine Works feature the compact CX track that delivers better traction and maneuverability for tight job sites. The trenchers are easy to service with a simple, open design and no daily grease points. The C12X, C16X and C24X can trench from 24 to 36 inches deep depending on the model; the C30X can trench up to 40 inches deep. A new hydraulic system eliminates vertical shafts and belts, resulting in a simple, reliable unit with no linkages to adjust. They use the reliable, low-maintenance Ditch Witch 35K digging systems to optimize production.

Little Beaver Quik Trench trencher

Mini trenchers
The Little Beaver Kwik-Trench KT 200B and KT 2400B mini trenchers can trench up to 30 feet per minute. The compact and durable units can be used for landscape edging, root pruning, and plumbing/drain line, low-voltage wiring, silt fence and sprinkler system installation. The carbide-tipped teeth and powerful drive system can cut through compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and up to 10-inch thick tree roots. Cutting depth is controlled manually and locking swivel wheels ensure straight trenches. The KT 200B can cut up to 8 inches deep and a trench from one to three inches wide. The KT 2400B can trench up to 12 inches deep, cutting a trench from 1 to 4 inches wide.

Digga trencher attachment

Trencher attachments
The Digga Bigfoot Series of trencher attachments deliver more powerful performance than comparable units for increased overall productivity on compact equipment that can supply auxiliary hydraulic flow from 13 to 42 gpm. The exclusive Bigfoot Skid Foot design offers highly visible, precision depth control with optimum spoil auger ground clearance to maximize horsepower to the trencher chain and provide a cleaner finish for faster job completion. The Head Start crumber system has a heavy-duty spring-loaded design that allows the operator to start trenching with the crumber in the ground.

Bobcat trench attachment

Skid steer trencher attachment
The Bobcat trencher attachment is designed with the power and strength to dig in even the toughest, rocky soil types. The unit has side-shift capability so it can trench next to a building or objects. Manual and hydraulic side-shift available, depending on the model. All trencher models are capable of momentarily reversing the chain direction to minimize stalling.

This article originally appeared in the May-June 2018 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine, © 2018 Direct Business Media.