Product Focus: Compressors

Variety of sizes and models of air compressors available to fit any rental need.

Mi-T-M 8-gallon compressor8-gallon air compressor 
Mi-T-M Corporation, which manufactures many types of air compressors used in the rental industry from small 5-gallon hand-carry units to large 30-gallon models, reports its most popular and universal air compressor is the 8-gallon model. It is a single-stage air compressor that delivers 13.9 cfm of compressed air at 90 psi. It is powered by a 196 cc Honda GX200 OHV engine and can be used with pneumatic tools ranging from small nail guns up to impact wrenches. It has a wheelbarrow-style design for easy transport on the job site and features a 16-gauge two-piece belt guard and powder-coated twin tank receivers attached to a 3/16-inch base plate to help reduce vibration. The cast iron single-stage compressor has a stainless steel-braided discharge hose, large canister intake filter, regulator and two gauges for tank and outlet pressure. 

Allmand Maxi Air compressorMaxi Air compressor
Allmand recently introduced its Maxi Air portable compressor that features a heavy-duty, oversized rotary screw airend that can operate at lower speeds for longer life and greater fuel efficiency. Its sound-attenuated design reduces sound levels to 63 dba. It has two ¾-inch Chicago-style fittings for increased air output. A rugged undercarriage and heavy-duty steel enclosure with powder-coat paint and stainless steel hardware is corrosion resistant and the key lock secures service points and components. The engine features an electric fuel primer and air-bleed (EFPA) pump that allows the unit to be easily restarted if the engine runs out of fuel. All fluid points are plumbed to the curb side of the machine for quick and easy access. The large-capacity fuel tank requires fueling once every slightly more than eight hours of run time.

Kaeser Mobilair M125M125 portable compressor
Kaeser Compressors, Inc. recently introduced its Mobilair M125 portable compressor that produces 405 cfm at 145 psig and features Sigma Control Mobil for consistent performance across a wide range of pressures. The unit features an oversized fuel tank, power-saving Sigma Profile rotary screw airend and a heavy-duty Tier 4 Final-compliant Deutz diesel engine. Its Sigma Control Mobil controller produces variable pressure between 85 and 205 psig for a wide variety of tasks. The optional clean air treatment packages make it an excellent choice for sandblasting and back-up plant air. The weatherproof canopy and gull wing doors allow quick service access and reduce noise levels. The steel chassis, torsion bar suspension, oversized tires and instrument and light package make it easy to transport and the high-capacity, cold-start battery assures year-round reliability.

FTG Rotair 300 cfm compressor300 cfm Tier 4 diesel air compressor
FTG Equipment Solutions introduces the new Rotair D300T4F 300 cfm towable air compressor that incorporates a clamshell canopy with easy access for maintenance. Powered by a Kohler KDI Tier 4 diesel engine, the unit supplies 300 cfm at 100 psi while adhering to Tier 4 regulations without expensive DPF or DEF emission devices. It is a solution for customers needing more volume than a 185 cfm unit without jumping up to much more expensive 425 cfm-category compressor. All Rotair models carry an industry-leading five-year unlimited hour airend warranty.

Doosan P425/HP375P425/HP375 dual-pressure compressor
The Doosan Portable Power P425/HP375WCU dual-pressure mid-range air compressor offers airflow from 375 to 600 cfm at 100 to 200 psi. Powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5L Tier 4 Final-compliant engine with diesel oxidation catalyt (DOC) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) emissions technology, it is the same size package as the earlier T4i engine. The unit’s design is compact and user friendly with a 2:1 fill ratio of DEF to diesel fuel, which is important to rental companies where customers may not be familiar with Tier 4 final-compliant diesel engine-fueling requirements.

Sullivan Paletek D260PDDZ compressorDual-pressure/capacity compressor
Sullivan Paletek’s D260PDDZ dual-pressure/dual-capacity portable air compressor delivers 260 cfm at 100 psi or 185 cfm at 150 psi. At its core, the Tier 4 Final Deutz engine does not require DEF and a 127 mm-diameter twin screw airend made by Sullivan-Palatek powers the portable unit. The compressor is also equipped with a state-of-the-art Sullivan-Palatek Electronic Controller (SPEC), providing digital readouts on compressor temperature and complete engine diagnostics, Sullivan Paletek sources report.

Sulair 1600H compressor1600H Tier 4 Final air compressor
Sullair’s new 1600H Tier 4 Final portable air compressor is powered by the Sullair 25 Series airend and a Cat C15 engine. Rated at 1600 cfm at 100/150 psi. it is 20 percent smaller and 2,500 pounds lighter than previous models. The unit offers improved fuel efficiency with nearly 20 percent lower partial load and 10 percent overall less fuel consumption and can run up to 10 hours per tank of fuel. It also offers at least a 2:1 fuel/DEF fill ratio. Quick connections make adding an external fuel supply easy. Its touch-screen controller can stand up to harsh environments while providing in-depth compressor and engine information. The unit has running gear rated at 65 mph and it is possible to fit two units on a standard flatbed or drop-deck trailer. The units have a 1,500-hour air-oil separator with lower lubricant requirements and a 500-hour engine oil service level.

Atlas Copco 100 cfm compressor110 cfm portable compressor
Atlas Copco has released its XAS 110 compressor that delivers 110 cfm of air power while minimizing service time and fuel consumption. The unit is part of Atlas Copco’s latest generation of Series 8 portable compressors. The unit is easy to maneuver through cramped jobsites and takes less space to store. At 1,100 pounds, it weighs as much as 250 pounds less than similar compressors, cutting towing fuel costs. Its 22-hp. Kubota diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards without after treatment components or filters. Its stepless, fully automatic regulator adjusts the engine’s speed to meet air demand. A centralized point allows fluids to drain into one receptacle. Air filters simply clip into place, making change-outs fast and easy.

Red Reck CPS 110 compressorRed Rock CPS 110 compressor
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP) adds the Red Rock CPS 110 portable air compressor as its first 100 psi/110 cfm compressor in the CP line. The unit is lightweight, making it perfect for construction site use. It has the power to drive two breakers easily and can work in harsh conditions. The compressor’s canopy is an extra-tough polyethylene that protects components. It is powered by a three-cylinder Kubota D-902 T4F engine. The compact model is 61 inches long, 42 inches wide, 34 inches high and weighs 970 pounds.