Posted April 22, 2015

Terex Tier 4 Final Compact Wheel Loaders Available

Terex compact wheel loaders are equipped with Tier 4 Final Deutz engines and feature hydrostatic drive systems, parallel kinematics and Terex Smart Control System. Four models are availabe: 50-hp TL65 with bucket capacities from 0.65-1.31 cu.yd.; 60-hp TL80 handles 1.05-1.57 cu.yd.; 74-hp TL100 has bucket capacites from  1.31-2.03 cu.yd; 101-hp TL120 provides bucket capacities from 1.57-2.36 cu.yd. 

Terex tl 120Articulated steering provides turning ability with up to a 40-degree angle, and helps the loader bucket maintain movement toward the material even at full steering angle for increased flexibility when picking up or positioning loads. Oscillating rear axle design means the operator always has the weight of the machine going in the same direction as the bucket, provides a 12-degree swing angle and keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground, which gives operators more ground pressure when pulling backwards, while operating on uneven terrain.

Terex compact wheel loaders only use power where it is needed the most, resulting in responsive, demand-driven and intuitive operation with less fuel consumption. The closed-circuit hydrostatic drive provides a high power output per unit mass and has infinitely variable and step-less speed. The loaders are  equipped with a variable-flow hydraulic system that allows operators to perform several work cycles simulataneously. Permanent all-wheel drive and an automatic limited slip differential in the front and rear axles for optimal traction when traveling and moving materials are standard.

With parallel Kinematics standard across the line operators can quickly and precisely lift loads to height without constant readjustment of the load angle. This feature allows operators to focus on accurate load placement, while increasing work cycle times for loading and unloading in the second row of the truck.

Terex Smart Control operating system makes it easier for the operator to configure the machine precisely to an application. Similar to menu guides on smart phones, operating the system is intuitive. Within the cab a new dashboard display provides a better at-a-glance of machine operation information, while the multi-function joystick comes with an electro-proportional control circuit and a slow/fast key for precise handling. The keypad has extra-large keys for easy operation and all the fuses and relays are now mounted inside the cab for additional protection. Automatic power shift and Terex fingertip controls help to further simplify operation for drivers, allowing them to concentrate more on the task at hand.

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