Power sweeping equipment giveaway to help hurricane-ravaged areas

Following the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, the power sweeping industry havecome together to offer help to fellow Americans.

Schwarze Industries, together with the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation, has created a unique opportunity for members of the power sweeping industry and others to contribute to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief effort following these catastrophic weather events occurring in August and September 2017. 

The Hurricane Recovery Raffle tickets priced at $100 each, offers a chance to win a brand new Schwarze Supervac Updraft power sweeper, valued at $68,900, as the top prize.

Municipalities, landscape companies, professional power sweeping companies and other service industries are encouraged to participate based on the high value and nearly universal industry appeal of the top prize.

Second prize, valued at $7,000, is a complete SweeperSim hardware and software package created by 1-800-SWEEPER for sweeper operator driver training simulation. Only 1,000 tickets are available.

According to Greg Heyer, vice president of Sales for Schwarze Industries, the lead sponsor, “The 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation and Schwarze Industries have made it a priority to provide an industry unifying vehicle to help support our friends and families affected by Harvey and Irma. We thank you in advance for your compassion and commitment to helping communities affected by these historic storms.”

“Many of the partners, in our 1-800-SWEEPER organization, witnessed first-hand the damage caused from the storms and are now directly involved in the cleanup efforts. 1-800-SWEEPER created the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation in part to help local areas across the United States following catastrophic natural disasters,” adds Mike Lucht on behalf of the 1-800-SWEEPER Foundation.

Net proceeds from the raffle will be donated directly to the Red Cross to contribute to the needs those directly impacted by these devastating storms.

The drawing of the winning raffle tickets will be held during the National Pavement Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, on February 8, 2018. With only 1,000 tickets available, odds of winning one of the two prizes is 1 in 500. Ticket sales will end on February 7th, 2018. Purchase raffle tickets online at  All payments are encrypted and secure.