Equipment market heats up

More than 300 online equipment auctions scheduled in March, 2017.

Proxibid will provide online bidding for a massive number of live and online-only timed equipment auctions from the nation’s top equipment sellers in March, 2017. As the farm and construction industries prepare for their respective busy seasons, the secondary equipment market responds with several high-volume and high-quality options to source equipment.

Proxibid allows buyers and sellers from across the world to connect in a safe and secure online platform. The following live or online-only events will be available for bidding on Proxibid:
Alex Lyon & Son – March 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 24, 25, 30, 31: Rental equipment fleet auctions, including excavators, loader backhoes, rollers, skid steers, compressors, trucks, trailers and more in various locations.
Carr Auction & Real Estate – March 11, 18: Construction and farm equipment auctions including forklifts, backhoes, trailers, tractors, combines, trucks, and more.
Deanco Auction Company – March 22-23: Huge public auction of truck tractors, dump trucks, specialty trucks, farm tractors, and more in Philadelphia, MS.
Equify Auctions, LLC – March 15, 21: Live and timed auctions of excavators, loaders, dozers, forklifts, trucks, farm tractors and more in Wills Point, Texas.
Henderson Auctions – March 16-18: Three-day spring construction, trucking and farm equipment auction in Livingston, Louisiana.
Henslin Auctions, Inc. – March 16: Timed, online-only auction of farm and construction equipment.
Insight Auctioneers – March 11: Karge farm and construction equipment, vehicles and misc. equipment auction live in Sebring, Florida.
J.J. Kane Auctioneers – March 11, 17, 18, 25: Light-duty trucks and construction equipment sold in live and timed formats in various locations.
Joey Martin Auctioneers LLC – March 18: Early spring fleet equipment auction, including late-model, low-hour construction equipment in Blairsville, Georgia.
McGrew Equipment Company – March 14, 23-25: Farm and construction equipment auctions including three-day 3,000-plus item liquidation of construction equipment.
Rebel Auction Co., Inc. – March 9, 11, 28: Farm and construction equipment auctions in various locations.
Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC – March 8: Late-model, low-hour absolute equipment auction; March 15: farm retirement absolute auction.
Terra Point, LLC – March 7: Crane trucks, wireline trucks and landscaping equipment online in a timed sale closing March 7 at 11 am CST.
TNT Auction Inc. – March 18: Surplus vehicles, trucks, vans, commercial trucks, heavy equipment and more in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Weeks Auction Company – March 10: Two-ring public equipment auction of tractors, rotary movers, maintenance vehicles, heavy equipment and more in Ocala, Florida.
Weeks Farm Machinery Auction – March 8: Lmplements, shortlines, salvage equipment and more in Moultrie, Georgia.
Western Sales Management Inc. – March 11: Cars, trucks, trailers, equipment, antique vehicles in Phoenix, Arizona.
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