Webinar: Connecting the mobile planet -- feeding your social status

IronPlanet sponsors Facebook's Selin Tyler and IronPlanet’s Matt Ackley Feb. 22 2017.

This is the  third episode in its continuing webinar series and will be presented online at 10 a.m. PST/1p.m. EST.

In this webinar, Selin Tyler, Facebook’s global product marketing communications manager, will cover:
* How smartphones are changing consumers and businesses
* How to reach the right people that matter to your business where they spend their time
* How to use Facebook ad products to grow your business in the mobile era

Matt Ackley, IronPlanet’s chief marketing officer, will give his views on how business owners in the construction and heavy equipment industry can use Facebook to reach their audiences. Matt will also share how the change in social platforms is currently enabling IronPlanet to grow its marketplace globally.

For additional details and to register for the webinar, click here.