15 tips for track maintenance

The undercarriage represents a significant portion of a piece of equipment’s purchase price. Proper maintenance and operation practices are critical for protecting your equipment investment.

Undercarriage experts at Case Construction Equipment share 15 tips to keep your track on track for long life.

Undercarriage maintenance is critical to the overall productivity of a machine. It is the mechanism that gives tracked machines much of their power and stability. It also represents a high percentage of the total operating cost of the machine over its life.

Proper maintenance and operation play a critical role in controlling operating costs over the life of any piece of equipment. Here are the top 15 maintenance and operating considerations that will help you maintain the health and productivity of your tracked machine.

Proper undercarriage maintenance practices
Undercarriage monitoring and upkeep is critical, and there are several basic maintenance practices that owners and operators can engage in to extend undercarriage life.

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