Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) Alert on tax reform bill

Learn more about how it views the proposed bill.

STAFDA belongs to the SBLC and the link below will take you to their report on the status of the tax reform bill. 

The Senate version, passed shortly after midnight last Friday, has to be married-up to the House version, but President Trump wants the final copy on his desk by Christmas.

Tax changes detailed in the SBLC report include the corporate tax rate, estate/gift tax provisions, AMT, Section 179 and more. It’s written in a very easy to understand format. 

SBLC reports it thinks the Senate version will carry more weight than the House version. 

SBLC will offer a free webinar on the final tax bill’s ramifications in early 2018. STAFDA will announce the webinar date to members once it’s known.

SBLC Report (PDF)