Tips on aerial work platform maintenance and operation

Genie offers 30 (and counting...) one-minute videos and concise information on a variety of AWP topics.

These online videos and concise information can help workers better understand how to use aerial work platforms safely and productively.

Topics include:

  • Carrying materials in a platform
  • How Genie manufacturing practices influence rental return on invested capital (RROIC)
  • Pushing the limits of reach
  • Drive systems, Part 1
  • Drive systems, Part 2
  • Making sense of telehandler attachments
  • Genie hybrid technology
  • Changes to the ANSI and CSA standards you need to know about
  • Tips for inspecting you’re your booms for maintenance parts
  • Inspection requirements for aerial work platforms
  • Selecting the right telehandler for the job
  • Transporting a machine
  • The importance of performing inspections and function tests before beginning work
  • Safely operating telehandlers on the job site
  • OSHA’s national safety stand-down efforts to reaise safety awareness
  • 10 safety tips for operating aerial work platforms on the job site
  • Fleet reconditioning
  • Maintenance tips for Tire 4 final aerial work platforms
  • Language and terminology changes in the pending ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards updates
  • What parts to stock for your aerial rental fleet
  • Prevent tip-overs
  • Updated cable replacement protocol for Genie boom lifts
  • Managing the age of your equipment fleet
  • How ANSI standards for aerial work platforms are enforced by OSHA
  • Product registration
  • How industry regulations and standards work
  • IC vs. hybrid-powered booms: which one is right for the application?
  • Parts ordering advice for aerial work platforms
  • 40-foot scissor lifts
  • Special precautions to exit a boom platform at height

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