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Posted February 19, 2018

Kubota Engine America introduces 1,000-hour oil change interval

Longer oil change interval applies to specific Kubota engine models; new models introduced at The Rental Show.

Kubota has announced an industry-leading 1,000-hour oil change interval for its D1005-E4BG and D1105-E4BG – 1800 rpm engines for light tower applications. The solution answers light tower customers’ needs of reducing total cost of ownership through fewer maintenance costs.  

Through years of experience as the leading engine supplier for light tower applications, Kubota has determined that select engine models could operate efficiently beyond the existing 750-hour interval limit without any changes to the engine design.

Conditions will apply, including use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and API CK-4 grade oil, as well as load and duty cycle limits. For full details of the necessary conditions for approval, please contact Kubota Engine America. 

The 1,000-hour oil change interval will be supported by Kubota's Standard Engine Warranty as long as the recommended engine service maintenance has been performed.

New engine models
The announcement formally made at the 2018 ARA The Rental Show, was accompanied by the introduction of the D11105-E4BG engine for light tower applications and the new Z482-E4BG engine, which was specifically designed for LED light towers, as well as the Lowboy Pro GL14000 generator.

The Tier 4 certified and Stage V-ready Z482-E4BG engine is the only two cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine in its size class to perform at 1800 rpm. Delivering 3.8 kW of continuous output and 4.2 kW of stand-by output, it provides consistent performance with low maintenance – even with the lighter power draw of LED lighting. Weighing in at just 172 pounds, the compact Z482-E4BG rides on virtually any trailer and provides best-in-class durability. Kubota also offers the engine in a 1,500 rpm option, providing 3.3 kW of continuous power and 3.6 kW of stand-by output.  

“It is well-suited to provide power for LED light towers, reducing the risk of wet stacking and allowing for long term reliability,” says Zach Turner, President of Anderson Industrial Engines.

New generator
The LowboyPro GL14000 is a 60Hz, 14 kVA single-phase generator that is Tier 4-certified. It is powered by Kubota’s reliable D902 diesel engine and is much quieter than similar generators, with noise levels as low as 65 dB while running. 

Like Kubota’s existing generators, the LowboyPro GL14000 is fully enclosed and compact. These features allow the GL14000 to reduce noise and lessen environmental factors, increasing the running life of the generator. It also houses the receptacle and terminal in one package, offering more flexibility and versatility for use. The generator’s high-quality alternator is triple-sealed during production and coated in corrosion-resistant paint.  

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