Making sense out of telematics data

AEMP offers insights and online resources.

The Association of Equipment Maintenance Professionals (AEMP) is at the forefront of helping fleet managers leverage telematics data.

To learn more about the what, where, and how of telematics for construction fleets, the AEMP Telematics for Fleet Managers manual will get you started. This publication discusses the what, where, and how of telematics for construction fleets. It will help fleet managers find a starting point and define data sources. It will show how to interpret and offer assistance to make data useful in real-world ways.

If telematics data is already a part of your fleet management procedures, it will help customize your fleet’s telematics data so you can use as much – or as little – of your data to fit how you manage your fleet.

The AEMP will soon release an online program that ensures telematics providers offer proven, tested data to fleet managers. The ISO-certified verification site will show fleet managers the OEMs and third-party providers that provide accurate, tested feeds and will provide telematics providers with a place to test their feeds and receive AEMP's seal of approval.