Point of Rental and uInnovate takes next step in user-driven innovation

Customers using Point of Rental will play an even bigger role in the software’s future.

Point of Rental, which prides itself on innovation in response to customer needs, has introduced uInnovate, an online feedback management system that will guide future software enhancements.

“Innovation is a team effort – it’s about working with our customers, who are always challenging us to take what rental software ‘is’ and make it what it ‘could be.’” says Wayne Harris, Point of Rental CEO. “uInnovate is going to make that process easier, maximizing our development team’s time and producing the most beneficial upgrades possible.”

Point of Rental users who have a software suggestion will be able to access uInnovate from within their Point of Rental software. As they enter their idea, similar suggestions will pop up, allowing them to simply vote on an already-existing idea. It’s also easy for a user to simply check out all the current suggestions and vote for the features that they’d like to see in the software.

uInnovate is only available to customers using the most up-to-date version of Point of Rental software.