Posted December 16, 2014

Cummins Natural Gas Fueled Generator 

Cummins Power Generation has a natural gas-fueled generator with EPA Mobile Off-Highway (MOH) emissions certification. The introduction of the MOH-certified model means that the 334 kWe continuous rated generator set is now deployable across a wider variety of applications.

cummins generator qsk 19The EPA MOH emissions certification allows the lean-burn gas QSK19 60 Hz generator set running within the certified range of fuels to be redeployed within 12 months of being installed at a site.This offers particular benefits to industries with a requirement for short-term power including companies in the oil and gas sector where the operation of sites has increased as a greater variety of natural resources are explored. EPA MOH certification also represents a crucial advantage to rental fleet operators who deploy generators at sites to provide temporary power. Containerized versions of the generator set can be configured to suit specific site or operator needs.

The Cummins QSK19 based generator set family is equipped for low-maintenance operation on-grid as well as base load applications. It is available for both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation as well as in a range of voltage configurations. The generator sets are fitted with Cummins latest technology controls and an electronic ignition system which adds to its efficiency, ensuring improved fuel consumption, greater reliability and low emissions.

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