Posted November 13, 2015

New, Larger Axial-Flow Blower from General Equipment

General Equipment Company has added the EP16ACP axial-flow confined space ventilation blower to its line, featuring a 16-in. diameter inlet/outlet to deliver greater airflow. Powered by a 1-hp, 115 VAC electric motor, the blower offers a free air flow rate of 4,450 CFM.

General Equip axial fanIt’s ideal for use in conventional confined space work sites such as manholes and sewers, and powerful enough to push air across large open areas, making it great for drying applications, improving indoor air quality levels and removing unwanted odors, the company says. Other models in the line include the EP8ACP and EP12ACP, which deliver free air flow rates of 501 and 1,825 CFM, respectively.

General Equipment’s axial-flow blowers feature heavy-duty polyethylene construction for durability and can either remove air from a confined space area or blow fresh air in by changing the ventilation duct location on the blower’s inlet or outlet. The blowers can be stacked for operation and storage. 

All General Equipment confined space ventilation blowers are flow tested according to industry performance standards. Published flow rates are certified by an independent testing laboratory.