Cat dual-fuel mobile power

Caterpillar introduced the Cat XQ2000 power module with Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB).

Fully integrated with the updated Cat XQ2000 power module, the factory-installed, dual-fuel option allows power customers to substantially reduce costs and meet changing fuel availability by utilizing a wide range of gaseous fuels.

Designed for use with the 50 Hz XQ2000 power module driven by the Cat 3516B engine, the DGB advanced control system automatically adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure. This allows the engine to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG, with no loss of performance integrity. It maintains diesel performance levels with up to 70 percent replacement of diesel with gas, and accepts up to 55 percent inerts. No customer input or gas analysis is needed during operation, and no recalibration is required when the equipment is moved or the gas supply changes.

Ideal for developing and lesser regulated regions of the world, the XQ2000 with DGB will be available for shipment in the third quarter of 2014 through the global Cat dealer network and designated international power projects (IPP) providers to meet short or long-term power demands. Caterpillar currently works with five IPP providers globally, offering a collective inventory of more than 4 GW of mobile power.

  • Extremely cost-effective electricity generation
  • Reduced gas emissions
  • Reduced fuel storage
  • Total flexibility – precision control of diesel and gas metering ensures optimal performance under all operating conditions

“A key advantage of a DGB solution is its ability to burn lower quality gases than would be possible with a gas-only solution,” said Brian Kruse, Caterpillar Rental Power engineering manager. “This system allows customers with intermittent gas supplies to seamlessly switch between diesel and gas, resulting in significantly reduced owning and operating costs.”

The DGB solution includes the EMCP4.3 and AGC-4 paralleling controller, which easily integrates the engine, generator and gas blending system. Capable of supporting up to 256 power modules per plant, the controller offers easy-to-view gas system parameters which allow simple daily walk-around inspections. Additional features of the control system include:

  • Multiple operational modes
  • Base load, power factor, load sharing and synchronization controls
  • Auto start/stop control and generator circuit breaker control
  • Engine protection shutdown/startup ability with custom programmable alarms
  • SCADA and plant level control systems compatibility
  • Fuel level indications and alarms
  • Fuel tank fuel transfer control
  • Voltage and frequency adjustment
  • Plain text display of fault codes
  • Compatibility with the Product Link remote monitoring solution

“The fuel savings achieved with this system depend on a number of variables, including the application and the quality of the gas being used, as well as the pressure and available volume,” said John Hancock, Caterpillar Rental Power project manager. “By fully automating the control system, we are able to maximize gas substitution for each operating point and gas condition, offering our customers the most fuel-efficient solution possible.”

The Dynamic Gas Blending system also includes an emergency stop purge cycle, integral gas train with gas filter and regulator, and methane detection. If fault codes are detected in the gas system, it will be shut down and the system will seamlessly revert to full diesel operation.