Posted March 23, 2016

New Electric Portable Air Compressor from Atlas Copco

The new XATS 900E electric portable air compressor from Atlas Copco Construction Equipment features four preset flow and pressure selections to give contractors versatility and rental centers greater flexibility in their fleet offering for improved ROI.

AtlasCopco_XATS900E 2The compressor features a high-efficiency 160-kilowatt WEG 22 motor. The XATS 900E’s electric motor exempts it from emission regulations, so it’s usable in any state, province or territory. In addition, the electric motor gives contractors a cost-effective alternative to traditional diesel-fueled air compressors because electricity prices are less volatile than fuel costs. The compressor operates at a very quiet 73 decibels — about the same as a vacuum cleaner — which allows contractors to work in noise-sensitive areas, such as near hospitals or schools.

The compressor uses a Star-Delta starter which reduces the starting current, protecting the compressor, and has no limits on number of starts. The compressor comes standard with an aftercooler and water separator with fine filters to reduce moisture as well as oil carry-over in the output air, and by-pass should non-filtered air be desired.

The XATS 900E, highlighted by the company at The Rental Show this year, features an easy-to-use digital interface, main breaker, sequence phase relay and external emergency stop button for simple controlling and monitoring of the unit. Operators can use the compressor’s digital interface to set the air flow to one of the four preset flow and pressure ratings, which range from 879 to 906 cubic feet per minute at 100 to 150 psi discharge pressure. This essentially gives users four units in one, which allows rental companies to serve a wide range of customers with one machine, resulting in greater ROI. 

The compressor features a heavy-duty, galvaneel steel frame and enclosure, and with a footprint of just 44 square feet, it’s easy to place at tight job sites. The compressor’s small, durable structure also allows users to stack two high and fit as many as nine units on a 53-foot trailer, for more cost effective transport. Additionally, operators can use it on nearly any type of surface because its frame does not require a concrete base. Atlas Copco also offers an optional dual-axle trailer for towing.

Large doors provide full access to all maintenance and service points, all of which are on one side of the unit, to minimize servicing time. The unit also has a heavy-duty air filter that features a safety cartridge, which protects it from the elements to ensure reliability in any environment. Its 100 percent spillage-free frame will contain all of the compressor’s fluids — diesel, both engine & compressor oils and engine coolant — if a leak occurs. This gives contractors peace of mind on environmentally sensitive projects.

Rental centers and contractors can move the unit with a crane and the compressor’s lifting bale or with a forklift and its frame-incorporated forklift slots. 

Atlas Copco