Posted March 22, 2016

Generac's "Ultra Fuel Efficient" Light Tower

The Generac Magnum MLT4060MVD model is a 6kW light tower that uses an ultra fuel efficient ECOSpeed engine that can provide a run time of up to 580 hours on a full tank. The light tower features durable, efficient LED lights and is design for autonomous applications and extreme environmental conditions, the company says.

w MLT4060-LED-Light-Tower---Rear-Door-OpenThe light tower features four 240W Generac LED fixtures with 88,000 lumen output, 360 degree ground rotation mast, a flip hood for each access to components, and a controller with automatic dusk-to-dawn or timer operation. Ground-adjustable light fixtures use a tangle-free pivot point to avoid pinching and the electric-powered vertical mast deploys easily.

The 117 gallon fuel tank offers up to 50 days of operation on a single fill with the engine operating at 1350 RPMs to power the lights. At 1800 RPMs for lighting and export power, run time is 234 hours.

An engine temperature management system provides better starting in low ambient temperatures and manages cylinder temperature, helping provide an extended oil change  interval of 750 hours.