Posted February 10, 2015

Doosan Portable Power Now Manufacturing Airends

Doosan Portable Power is designing and manufacturing airends for use in the company's products and available to the OEM market, reported Rus Warner, global air products manager for the company, at the recent World of Concrete. "Performance and durability improved," he pointed out, with the air end manufactured to company specs at its Statesville, NC, plant.

Doosan Portable Power Manufacturing AirendsThe new airend resulted from engineers taking a fresh look at various design elements, Warner explained. The upshot is that "it's a highly efficient rotor profile and it will deliver higher cfm, but do so with less horsepower." Previous designs had spots that formed "bird baths" where moisture collected. Engineers changed castings to eliminate that potential, he noted, and also added ribs, creating a more rigid structure. The design also included ports in the casting to lubricate the airends, resulting in fewer hoses and fittings "so there's less maintenance, less that can go wrong. It's also easier to install as a replacement," Warner said. 

The company's "green sheet redesigns" are continuing with two more "undergoing rigorous testing now" and should be available before year-end. The HR350 airend, a 2-stage unit that can deliver 350 psi, will be available next month in the company's new XHP1170 air compressor. Initial airends will be sized for the 900 cfm to 1170 cfm, 350 psi, compressors that see primary use in the oil and gas sector. New models will get progressively smaller from there.