Product Focus -- Electrical power generation

Cat 12 kW generator

Portable generator
The Cat RP12000 E portable generator fills out the top end of the Cat RP line, delivering 12kW of running power. Its larger frame houses its 670cc V-Twin engine that has a fully pressurized oil system. The unit delivers up to 15kW of surge power, making it suitable for powering more equipment and heavy loads. The all-copper generator delivers clean power with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion. A low-idle mode option optimizes fuel consumption and reduces noise levels and engine wear. It has a projected run time of more than 11 hours at 50 percent load per tank of fuel. A custom muffler and the extra-large steel fuel tank that sits on top of the engine minimizes noise levels and prevents vibration damage. A lighted, single side-operator station simplifies operation. The unit has nine receptacles including a 50-amp 240-volt outlet. The removable lifting eye and handle has a balanced center of gravity. The compact, visually appealing unit is easy to store.

DeWalt power center

Cordless power station
DeWalt adds the DCB1800 Portable Power Station that produces AC power in remote locations for convenient, portable power. It provides 1800 watts of 15 amps continuous power and 3600 watts peak power. It is powered by four DeWalt 20V Max batteries. For high-power applications, four DCB200 20V Max 3.0 amp-hour DeWalt batteries or higher amp-hour cells are recommended. The unit can also be used as a multi-port parallel charger for up to four DeWalt 20V Max batteries when plugged into a wall outlet. The unit weighs just 18 pounds without batteries and is easily portable. It doesn’t produce fumes or noise, so it can be used in noise-restricted areas.

Allmand Maxi-Power generator

25 to 150 kVa mobile generators
Allmand Bros. Inc. adds Maxi-Power mobile generators from 25 to 150 kVa. They have heavy-duty, oversized alternators with separate excitation winding to easily start large motors and handle variable loads. Frequency can switch between 50 and 60 Hz. All models adjust to 120-, 240- or 277-volt in single-phase power and 208-, 240-, 415- or 480-volt in three-phase power. The units feature programmable start/stop and a large-capacity fuel tank for more than 24 hours of operation; an external fuel connection can connect to an external fuel source. An electric fuel primer and air-bleed (EFPA) pump can prime the unit if it runs out of fuel. The unit has 110 percent fluid containment to capture all leakage and avoid site contamination. Units and prime power outputs available are: MP25 at 20 kW; MP40 at 30 kW; MP45 at 36 kW; MP65-8B1 and MP65-8C1 at 50 kW; the MP125, available only in Canada, offers 100 kW; the MP150 produces 120 kW.

Generac generator

Professional Series generators
Generac XC Professional Series generators are available in 6500 and 8000 watts and are engineered specifically for contractors and construction sites. Featuring Generac’s G-Force engine — with full-pressure lubrication and designed specifically for generator use — the XC Professional Series provides reliable and durable power on any job site. The XC Professional Series is the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) Winner in the portable gas generator category.

Mi-t-M generator

6000-watt generator
Mi-T-M Corporation offers its 6000-watt portable generator that is perfect for providing power for the serious contractor and electrical back-up when needed most, Mi-T-M sources report. It is designed with multiple voltage capabilities and features an industrial 389cc Honda GX390 OHV engine, large low-tone mufflers and 100 percent copper windings. With a brushless alternator and a total harmonic distortion of less than five percent, the powerful 6000-watt generator includes a heavy-duty wrap-around frame with optional lifting hook and wheel kit for easy mobility.

Kohler three-fuel generator

Generator can use three fuels
With the Tri-Fuel conversion kit, the Kohler Pro9.0 generator can use gasoline, propane and natural gas for fuel. Users can change fuel type simply by swapping out the fuel hose and turning a dial. An authorized Kohler dealer can quickly configure the new Pro9.0 portable generator with the Tri-Fuel conversion kit while maintaining the product’s original warranty.

Tsurumi generator

Industrial-grade generators
Tsurumi Pump introduces its industrial-grade TPG4 series line of portable generators with electric start that range in size from 3000 to 7000 watts. TPG4 series generators are designed to withstand the severe conaditions of construction job sites or industrial applications, especially where extra durability and dependable and stable power are required. All units are powered exclusively by Honda engines and meet all EPA evaporative emission regulations and OSHA job site standards.

Honda generator

Portable generator with longer run time
The Honda EU7000is generator delivers fuel efficiency, cleaner power output, quiet operation and longer running times in a portable package. Ideal for a host of applications, the unit features electronic fuel injection that results in greater fuel efficiency, extremely easy starting and longer operating times. It incorporates a convenient one-touch, push-button electric start. It produces 7kW of power and weighs 261 pounds. With its 5.1-gallon gas tank, it can operate for 6.5 hours per tank at rated load or 18 hours at 25 percent load. It has a noise level of approximately 60 dB at rated load. Its Honda inverter technology produces a wave form distortion factor of less than 2.5 percent.

Technogen generator

56 kW prime power generator
The TecnoGen Enermax Series FP70TSX generator from FTG Equipment Solutions uses the FPT engine coupled to an industry-standard Leroy Somer alternator to produce 56 kW of prime power. The DeepSea controller makes retrieving vital statistics like fuel levels, run time and start logs easy. Its sealed doors and 2-inch thick insulation reduces sound levels to 69 dB. Other features include standard battery charger, block heater and cam locks. The 70 kVA generator has an internal fuel capacity of 92 gallons, so it can run for 26 hours at 80 percent load; plus external fuel hook-up allows for quick connection to additional fuel cells. The TecnoGen Enermax series is available in skid and trailered versions.

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