Product Focus -- Concrete tools and equipment 

John Deere hammer

Hydraulic hammer attachments
The John Deere Worksite Pro HH20C, HH40C, HH60C and HH80C hydraulic hammer attachments are optimized to work with select John Deere G- and E-Series skid steers and compact track loaders, G-Series compact excavators and most competitive models. A simplified hydraulic-breaker design boosts productivity and these hydraulic hammers provide two to three times more blows per minute (bpm) than previous models. With 30 percent fewer parts, rebuild times are reduced to one hour vs. eight hours, and an exclusive tool retention system enables quick installation and removal using only one small screwdriver. The hydraulic hammers only require grease every two hours of operation and have a 1,000-hour service interval, contributing to lower daily operating and maintenance costs. Five bit options are available on the hydraulic hammers to further improve operator productivity.

Cat box blade

Box blade for finish grading
The Cat AccuGrade-ready BB124 box blade is designed for grading and leveling of large commercial properties, housing pads, roadways and parking lots. Using GPS and laser technologies, the attachment can quickly grade to within ¼ inch of grade, reducing concrete needed to finish the project. Front and rear curved moldboards allow flowing material to easily find low spots and improve grading and leveling performance. Dual parabolic mirrors provide full visibility to the front cutting edge so the operator can identify how much the blade is loading and see out to the corners of the box blade. Dual front wheels are mounted on an independent axle and on casters to provide stability in both directions of travel.

Vanguard propane powered conversion

Propane conversions for Vanguard engines
Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines are now available for propane conversion through Propane Power Systems. The EPA-certified conversions are available for 11 Vanguard and Commercial Series engines, ranging in displacement from 205cc single-cylinder horizontals up to 993cc Big Block V-Twin engines. These certified converted engines allow equipment manufacturers to offer propane to customers looking to take advantage of the benefits of propane-powered equipment. Propane Power Systems, a division of R&R Products, worked on Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power engines and leading equipment manufacturers’ products to develop the fuel system and mounting conversion kits. The Propane Education & Research Council provided funds to support technical training for Briggs & Stratton dealer service personnel.

EZ-Drill on-grade drill

On-grade concrete drills
E-Z Drill’s line of on-grade concrete drills includes two easily positioned models that drill to a standard 18-inch depth. The models 210B and 210B-2 feature a compact frame, allowing each to operate within a 4-foot area. The units have been designed for straight-line drilling on a level subgrade and are ideal for airport work, lane additions and large patchwork jobs. The single-gang Model 210B can operate within 6 inches of a corner and drill a 3/4-inch hole 9 inches deep in about 15 seconds. The Model 210B-2 also drills within 6 inches of a corner and provides an inexpensive option for a two-gang system. Both units are totally pneumatic, with the 210B requiring 100 cfm and the 210B-2 requiring 200 cfm. An optional vertical conversion kit enhances the series’ versatility, allowing each unit to switch from a horizontal to a vertical drill in just 20 minutes. Quick-release bit guides work with any style of bit for a fast, simple exchange, while vertical height adjustment levels enable each unit to drill on-center whether the slab is 6 inches or 24 inches thick.

Atlas Copco power trowel

Walk-behind concrete power trowels
Atlas Copco’s three new walk-behind power trowels — the BG 245, BG 375 and BG 475 — include upgraded features that enhance versatility and safety on a variety of applications, from fine-edge to rough-surface concrete finishing. The units can be equipped with either a twist pitch or quick pitch for optimal performance on a wide range of jobs. A QuickStop feature stops the blade rotation immediately after the operator releases the handles. This results in zero-degree spin that minimizes the risk of injury. Without killing the ignition when the trigger is released, it allows speed adjustment without damaging the belt and clutch. The BG trowels are equipped with Honda gas engines that deliver 5.5 to 9 horsepower that offer variable speeds for a variety of tasks, from high-speed burnishing to low-speed, high-torque floating. The units have a palm trigger as well as foldable de-vibrated handles for enhanced comfort. Their detachable throttles can be moved from the left handle to the right, for comfort and ease of use for left- and right-handed operators. The units also have a stand to ease maintenance chores.

Lackmond Beast concrete drills

Core drills, rigs and bits
Lackmond Products Inc. recently entered into a joint venture with European BB+Tec to market and sell its core drills and rigs, core bits, rail saws and manual tile cutters in North America. The new equipment will be marketed under the under the Beast and BB+Tec brands. They are European-made with the highest-quality raw materials utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology. The BCR130/5BG is a handheld core drill with a back-grip ideal for drilling vertical holes. The BCR130/5MG is a handheld core drill with a mid-grip that provides operator comfort when drilling horizontal holes. The BCR300/12 is a mast-mounted core drill rig and is excellent for drilling conduit holes. All Beast/B+BTec core drills are extremely powerful and loaded with features including an LED Motor Overload Protection System.

Hilti core drill

Versatile core drill
The Hilti DD260 core drill features an air-cooled, heavy-duty drive unit with four-speed gearing and convenient controls. A hole-starting function helps start large-sized core bits and the unit offers enhanced real-time user-machine communication through digital display that has a digital spirit level, gear selector, power control function, trip counter, running time counter and easily understood service messages. It works in a wide range of applications including penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables, openings for ventilation, blind holes for setting anchors or post-installed rebar, boring holes in ceilings, walls and floors without hammering and vibration and stitch drilling for breaches.

MBW walk-behind power trowel

Walk-behind power trowels
MBW introduces the F35 and F46 walk-behind power trowels to its concrete finishing tool line. The models have a patent-pending Low Vibe low-vibration handle that is multi-axis shock-mounted to reduce operator fatigue and a tool-free height-adjustable operator handle. The ISO safety standard low guard ring allows easy cleaning and blade changes, and the standard edger allows close finishing. The units are powered by Honda GX series engines.

DeWalt 60-volt MAX cut off saw

Cordless concrete cut-off saw
The DeWalt DCS690 cordless saw is powered by the DeWalt 20-/60-volt Max FlexVolt system. The 9-inch diamond-blade saw will cut up to 3 1/4 inches deep without the hassle and fumes of a two-cycle engine, making it usable for cutting inside enclosures. It also has an on-board water connection that will control silica dust at the cut. The unit will be officially introduced at 2018 World of Concrete and will be widely available in spring 2018.

APT power trowel

Walk-behind power trowels
American Pneumatic Tools offers its new family of PT walk-behind power trowels that includes three main models: an edger; a standard robust workhorse; and a high-capacity model for fast results on large areas. Blade diameters are 24-, 36- and 46-inch models. There are two options for pitch adjustment and models feature a QuickStop function that stops the unit if the operator lets go of the handles. They also have foldable devibrated handles and a maintenance stand.

Michigan vacuum attachment tools

Vacuum dust extraction attachments for silica dust management
The VDEX attachments from Michigan Pneumatic Tool Inc. are engineered to withstand the roughest of conditions found in the rental and construction/demolition industries. VDEX attachments are designed to fit on any relevant brand rivet buster, chipping hammer or rotary hammer. The three main components, snorkel, bellow and couplers, are interchangeable across tools, reducing the number of unique items that need to be stocked. VDEX meets OSHA silica dust requirements.

Skilsaw Medusaw standup unit

Walk-behind concrete saw
Skilsaw introduces the 7-Inch Medusaw SPT79A-10 walk-behind worm-drive saw for concrete scoring. It incorporates the same wet/dry dust management system and powerful worm-drive motor as the Medusaw unit with the addition of an efficient walk-behind configuration. A larger handle and two-finger trigger provide greater control when making long cuts; an ambidextrous side-assist handle adds support. It has an improved pointer for stronger support and a larger wheel for greater visibility. The three-point line of sight allows for accurate cuts, while a large foot and oversized wheels increase the saw’s stability. This unit will help users meet OSHA silica exposure limits with integrated dust control for wet or dry operation. The saw also accommodates commonly available 7-inch blades.

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