Posted August 30, 2018

Product Focus -- Portable lighting

Atlas Copco HiLight series

LED light towers
The Atlas Copco HiLight P2+, V2+ and V3+ LED light towers can be powered by an auxiliary power source, generator or the grid. The HiLight V2+ and V3+ are built for construction and ride on a heavy-duty four-wheel trailer with polyethylene bumpers. The HiLight V2+ offers a 320-watt LED light source, covering 21,528 square feet. The HiLight V3+ is equipped with four 160-watt LED bulbs that can illuminate up to 32,292 square feet. The towers can withstand 51 mph winds. The HiLight P2+ features the same lighting optic as the HiLight V2+ and provides 360-degree coverage across a 21,528-square-foot area. The LED lamps have a life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours.

High-ROI LED light towers 
The Generac Mobile Products MLT6SMDS and MLT6SKDS light tower models can maximize utilization and minimize operational costs. The light towers feature four 296-watt LED fixtures for powerful, dependable illumination. The Generac LEDs have a 10-year life expectancy and five-year warranty. The MLT6 LED light towers are outfitted with a 23-foot vertical mast that deploys quickly and easily and can fully rotate from ground level. The four LED fixtures light instantly. They are rated IP68 against water and dirt ingress. The MLT6SMDS has a polymer cabinet designed to stand up to weather extremes, and the rear flip hood provides easy access for maintenance.

Generac Mobile Products MLT6SMDS portable light
Wacker Neuson LTV6K light

LED light tower option
Wacker Neuson adds an LED light option to its compact light towers.The Kubota-powered LTV6K model has four 240-watt LED lights with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and provides improved fuel economy with up to 137 hours of run time from the 45-gallon fuel tank. The compact design allows 18 units to fit on a 48-foot flatbed. They feature an industry-leading 750-hour service interval. The adjustable vertical mast extends 23 feet and can rotate 360 degrees from ground level. Three models are available: The LTV6 with a 12.2 horsepower Kohler or 13.1 horsepower Kubota engine that power a 6 kW Mecc Alte generator; and the LTV8, powered by a 15.4 horsepower Kubota engine that drives a Mecc Alte 8 kW generator. Extended masts can withstand winds up to 65 mph.

Portable diffused lighting system
Multiquip Inc. offers the Gb8LED GloBug rental-ready diffused lighting system that uses 800-watt LED lamps that creates a shadow-free 360-degree illumination with one footcandle brightness at 68 feet away from its source in every direction. The superior, high color-rendering LED lamps are impact-resistant LEDs with a 40,000 hour life cycle. The lamps have a low, medium, high switch, instant strike/re-strike capability, internal e-ballast and fan assembly, heat-resistant balloon bag and industrial-grade aluminum pentapod stand with three air-assist mast sections.

Multiquip Globug
Allmand Bros, Night-Lite Pro II LD Series and V Series lights

Lower maintenance light tower  
Allmand Bros. Inc. offers its Night-Lite Pro II LD-Series and V-Series light towers that feature SHO-HD lamp fixtures that provide 542,000 total lumens. The 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank prevents contamination from rust and corrosion and optional full Fluid Containment System (FCS) protects sensitive environments from leaks and spills. A four-point stabilizer system can withstand wind gusts up to 65 mph. The lights have a self-locking spring-loaded tower latch on select models. V-Series light towers have a hydraulically-actuated vertical-only tower that can be fully raised or lowered in just 20 seconds.

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