Posted August 30, 2018

Product Focus -- Equipment attachments

Tilt-rotator bucket 
The Volvo Steelwrist tilt-rotator pairs a bucket with a factory-fitted quick coupler and tilt-rotator that allows for 360-degree rotation of the attachment and 45-degree tilt from the left or right sides. Features of the control system include: unique tuning to optimize hydraulic flow, ergonomic joysticks with three rollers for simultaneous operation of many functions and a color touchscreen. Available for Volvo EC excavator models.

Volvo Steelwrist attachment
Brush Wolf brush cutter attachments

Clear brush
Brush Wolf has a variety of rotary brush cutter solutions for land clearing and can be used with a full-size or a compact skid steer, excavator, backhoe loader or other site-prep tractors. With more than 30 models available, they come in low-, standard- or high-flow hydraulic systems, 42- to 90-inch widths and can handle brush from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. They have standard one-piece steel decks, hoses and couplers and are ready to go upon delivery.

Hydraulic hammers 
Case hydraulic hammers have few moving parts and low recoil that offer reliability and smooth operation. They are specifically made for Case equipment for easy mounting and hours of heavy-duty performance. With just two moving parts, they use an accumulator-free design that delivers consistent and reliable performance. The cushion chamber isolates blows from the carrier and operator and that energy is used for the next blow. They come with a gas recharge kit and have the only three-year warranty in the industry.

Case hammers
Bobcat trenching and grading buckets

Grading, trenching buckets 
Bobcat Company adds redesigned trenching buckets and all-new grading buckets for Bobcat E26 through E85 compact excavators. They offer excavator operators increased durability and reliability, maximum digging capabilities and easier clean-out when cleaning ditches, backfilling, leveling or grading. They are available in 36-, 48- and 60-inch widths and do not have internal center gussets for more capacity. Grading buckets are also equipped with waffle plates to add extra strength and rigidity for longer life. Trenching buckets come in 12-, 16-, 18-, 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch widths and feature a replaceable cutting edge, leaving a smooth work area when the job is completed. The scalloped cast side cutter improves durability and functionality. A toothed version is also available.

11-inch vibratory wheel compactor
MBW Inc. introduces the MVW 11 vibratory wheel compactor for mini-excavators with operating weights of 7,000 to 13,000 pounds. The MVW 11 is 11 inches wide and joins MBW’s range of patented vibratory wheels for larger excavators. Because the wheels are pad-footed and vibratory, the compactor performs well on a variety of backfill. Vibratory wheels are several times faster than boom-mounted vibratory plates and may be able to eliminate manually operated rammers on many applications. It works well in 12-inch and wider trenches and keeps workers out of the trench.

MBW 11-inch vibratory wheel compactor
Dtich Witch brush grapple

Brush grapple 
Rental companies can extend the versatility of Ditch Witch mini skid steers with a rugged brush grapple to collect debris, loose limbs or brush on tree handling and landscape jobs. The brush grapple is compact and easy to transport. This allows users to transport all attachments at once and easily maneuver and use the attachment when working on tight job sites.

Breakers with dust suppression
Epiroc AB reports its SB series hydraulic breaker attachments are the industry’s only breakers to come standard with an internal water port for dust suppression. With an integrated water channel, operators can spray water at the dust source, improving the working environment and visibility and prevent dust from seeping into bushings. The SB breaker design helps protect operators and equipment by reducing noise and vibration. The range includes models to match any micro or mini excavator, backhoe, skid steer loader or demolition robot with service weights ranging from 120 pounds for the SB 52, the smallest breaker of the SB series, to 2,350 pounds for the SB 1102. Oil requirements range from just 3.2 gpm at 1,450 to 2,175 psi, to 35 gpm at 1,185 to 2,610 psi.

Epiroc SB Series hydraulic breakers
JLG extendable truss support

Fork-mounted extendable truss 
The JLG fork-mounted extendable truss is designed for lifting and placing objects around the job site. Ideal for metal building erection, setting wooden trusses, putting up post frame buildings and many more low-rise applications, this attachment is available for JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers.

Aerial work platform mesh
The Genie Lift Guard platform mesh family of accessories is designed to prevent dropped objects falling from aerial work platforms. With three options to choose from — half-height aluminum, full-height aluminum and removable woven screen, these contemporary mesh accessories are engineered to help operators keep jobsite materials and tools from falling out of boom platforms working at heights. All Genie Lift Guard platform mesh accessories are compatible with other Genie protective and safety accessories, including the Genie Fall Arrest Bar, the Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm and the Genie Operator Protective Structure.

Genie Lift Guard
John Deere roll-out buckets

Roll-out bucket 
John Deere adds the roll-out bucket line to its Worksite Pro attachments. The RB72, RB84 and RB96 models are designed to best match the attachment to the machine. Optimized for G-Series compact track loaders and K-Series compact wheel loaders (RB84 and RB96 only), these buckets provide an additional 34 inches of dump reach when fully extended. The buckets utilize the compact wheel loader or compact track loader’s auxiliary hydraulics to roll out and dump material to achieve a significantly higher dump height. Rather than requiring the machine hinge pin to be raised higher than the hopper for dumping, the roll-out bucket pivots near its cutting edge for additional dump height. Their 114 degrees of roll-out provides for excellent material spillage control.

Rock grapples
The Kubota SGR15 rock grapple features dual hydraulic cylinders that can close at various gaps to handle irregular shapes. The bucket is designed with a 3-inch spacing between the teeth to allow small rocks, soil and other debris to be sifted, leaving the larger material locked in its jaws. Available in 66-, 72-, and 78-inch widths. Available for Kubota models: SSV65 skid steer, SSV75 skid steer, SVL75-2 compact track loader and SVL95-2 compact track loader.

Kubota rock grapples
Stumper Industries stump grinder

Stump grinders
Stumper Industries is on the leading edge of stump grinding attachments and has been designing and manufacturing stump grinders since 2003. Stumper products are built tough and built to perform, sources report. Stumper offer grinders for mini and full-size skid steers, excavators, tractors and select UTV applications in sizes ranging from 22 to 36 inches with high-flow and standard-flow hydraulic options available.

Skid-steer grader blade
The patented SitePro SSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade from from Worksaver Inc., maintains a consistent grade when doing site prep work. It can be used for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork. The unit features an 8-foot six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25 degrees of rotation/tilt that is controlled with an in-cab remote for precise control. The moldboard is shear-pin protected to help prevent damage. A proportional hydraulic valve provides precise control for maintaining grade and it can be paired with a Leica laser system. An optional end plate kit and laser pole kit are also available.

Work Saver Site Pro SSBG-8B grader blade
Danuser Mega Mixer bucket

Mixing bucket 
The Danuser Mega Mixer mixing bucket can mix, scoop and dispense materials ranging from bag-mix concrete up to 1.5-inch clean gravel. The built-in cutting edges scoop a variety of other construction and agriculture materials and it comes standard with integrated chute storage, bag busters, a lockable discharge gate, klik pin holders, laser-cut easy-to-read yardage markers and an 8 inch-diameter auger capable of dispensing a full hopper in less than 35 seconds. An intermediate mount allows the operator to discharge from the left or right side.

Stump grinder 
Fecon introduces the Stumpex stump grinder for skid steers. It is a low-speed cutting attachment with low maintenance costs. The Stumpex can work on skid steers and loader backhoes with as little as 20 gpm hydraulic flow and 2,500 psi hydraulic pressure. The new Stumpex EXC version provides the same safe, low-speed stump grinding on excavators of 16 tons and larger. The Stumpex can cut any species of stump from 10 to 28 inches in diameter and can cut up to 20 inches deep in a single pass; larger diameter stumps are processed by making additional passes. Operating at 7-17 rpm, the Stumpex safely grinds stumps with minimal discharge, leaving a small clean-up area. Without any fast-wearing carbide cutting tools, the Stumpex blade has very low maintenance costs.

Fecon Stumpex stump grinder

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