Product Focus: Generators

New job-site models sport lower sound levels, improved fuel economy and greater portability.

Generac XC Professional Series generator

Heavy-duty portable generators
Generac Power Systems’ XC Professional Series 6500- and 8000-watt generators feature Generac’s new 426 cc G-Force engine with full pressure lubrication for longer life. The engine’s full-response air intake and targeted heat dispersal design ensure effective cooling for extended use. A heavy-duty, fully wrapped, 12-gauge steel tube X-Frame protects components from damage. Steel lifting pockets fit most forklift/telehandler blades, eliminating the need for a lifting eye. A dual-grip folding handle with locking mechanism works with one hand, while never-flat wheels with steel hubs make transport easy and efficient. The units will idle to conserve fuel and reduce noise. Service points are accessible and a decal lists needed maintenance parts.

Honda EB2800i generator

Open-frame inverter (OFI) generator
The Honda EB2800i industrial OFI generator
offers high-quality power for multiple tool use on the job site. The unit has a rugged, full-frame
protection and weighs less than 67 pounds so one person can move it about the job site. It produces up to 2,800 watts of GFCI-protected power with a wave form distortion factor of less than five percent. Inverter technology, in combination with the Eco-Throttle variable-engine speed and 2.1-gallon fuel tank, can offer up to 12.1 hours of operation at .25 load. Automatic
overload protection shuts the unit down to
protect it in high-power demand events.

Atlas Copco P 2000i inverter generator

Inverter generators
Atlas Copco’s new inverter generators
are lightweight, efficient and a reliable source of portable power. The P 2000iW (1.82 kW) and P 3500iW (2.4 kW) models can run up to six hours between fueling because the engine adjusts its speed to match power needs. The P 2000iW models can be connected and used in parallel to increase the overall power 
capability without requiring a larger
generator. The units produce sound levels of 63 decibels, equivalent to the sound level of an electric razor, sources report.

hicago Pneumatic CPPG 25 generator

2.2 to 7 kW portable generator line 
Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment (CP) has a new line of portable gasoline generators designed to deliver stable 120- or 240-volt electrical output and safe, user-friendly operation over a long service life. The CPPG 2.5 has a 4.75-gallon fuel tank for 11 hours of operation and can produce at a continuous output of 2.5 kW. The CPPG 5.5 has a 5.5-gallon fuel tank for up to 10 hours of run time and can produce up to 5.5 kW. The CPPG 7W model has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that can run continuously for eight hours and produce a continuous output of 7 kW.

Mi-T-M inverter generators

Inverter generators for rental fleets
Mi-T-M offers 2,000- and 3,000-watt inverter generators that are quiet, yet powerful. The units have an industrial Mi-T-M overhead-valve engine with low-oil shutdown, copper windings and recoil start. Insulated side panels reduce noise and easy-grip handles simplify transport. The units offer total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than three percent to provide clean power for electronic equipment. A parallel box accessory can connect two Mi-T-M inverter generators to meet power requirements of larger loads.

Kohler tri-fuel generator

Tri-fuel generator kit
Kohler introduces a Tri-Fuel conversion kit for its new PRO9.0 portable generator, allowing the unit to be powered by gasoline, propane or natural gas. To switch fuel, users simply change the fuel supply line and switch a dial. The Pro9.0 model can be quickly adjusted, based on fuel availability; propane and natural gas are sometimes selected due to reduced emissions and cost savings those fuels can deliver. The units can be quickly configured with the tri-fuel conversion kit without affecting the product’s original warranty.

Tsurumi TFG4 generator

Job site generators
Tsurumi TPG4-series generators are designed to withstand severe conditions found on job sites. Each generator is powered by a Honda GX Series engine with Honda-approved, oversized mufflers and air filters that make the TPG4 series the quietest contractor-grade generators on the market, Tsurumi sources report. The TPG4 series also feature large fuel tanks for extended run time. Breaker switches are protected in a recessed panel and rubber vibration pads isolate the engine and generator from wear. TPG4-series generators range in size from 3,000 to 7,000 watts.

Yamaha EF5500 and EF7200 generators

Portable generator line
Yamaha Motor Corp. USA offers the Yamaha EF5500 and EF7200 generators that feature durable body, wheels and handles. They are powered by a durable and reliable 358cc OHV engine and offer an 8-hour run time on a full load and 12-hour run time at half load. For smaller projects, the EF2600 produces 2,300 watts in a cost-effective package. All models are powered by a Yamaha engine designed for optimum noise-reduction and fuel-efficiency while meeting the EPA and the California Air Resource Board’s (CARB) emission standards.

Cat RP2000 E generator

12 kW portable generator
Caterpillar adds the RP12000 E model to its Cat RP Series line, offering 12kW of running power and up to 15 kW of surge power. Its new, larger frame houses a 670 cc V-Twin engine with a fully pressurized oil system and an all-copper generator that delivers clean power with less than five percent total harmonic distortion. A low-idle mode optimizes fuel consumption, noise levels and reduces engine wear. It offers 11-hour run time at 50 percent load. A custom muffler and the extra-large steel fuel tank sit on top of the engine to minimize noise levels. The single-side operator station has nine receptacles, including a 240-volt, 50-amp outlet. It has a removable lifting eye and handle and balanced center of gravity.

Almand Maxi-Power generators

Mobile generators
Allmand Bros. Inc. introduces the Maxi-Power mobile generators, ranging in output from 25 to 150 kVa. The units feature a heavy-duty, oversized alternator with separate excitation winding for starting large motors and handling variable loads. The automatic voltage regulator and electronic governor quickly adjust power for sensitive equipment. The models switch between 50- and 60-Hertz frequency and can provide 120, 240 or 277 volts in single phase and 208, 240, 415 or 480 volts in three phase. Programmable start and stop capabilities make them good units for standby use. Units will run more than 24 hours per tank and can connect to external fuel tanks. The electric fuel primer and air-bleed (EFPA) pump makes starting easy if the unit runs out of fuel.

FTG TechnoGen generator

Portable generator
FTG introduces the new TecnoGen Enermax series of generators with the debut of the IV74TSX model, a 74 kVA generator with a tandem-axle trailer. Powered by an Iveco/FPT diesel engine coupled to an industry-standard LeroySomer alternator, it produces 61.5 kW. Its DeepSea controller makes retrieving fuel levels, run time and start logs easy. Other features include sealed doors and 2-inch thick insulation to achieve a 65 decibel rating. The unit also features fuel hook-ups so it can be quickly connected to an external fuel source.

Doosan mid-sized generator

Mid-sized generator
Doosan Portable Power adds the G40WDO mobile generator rated with prime power output of 39 kVA. It fills the position between the Doosan G25 and G50 generator models. Its 49-hp. Doosan D24 diesel engine is exempt from permitting fees or surcharges assessed in some states. It has high-performance alternators for heavy motor-starting applications and precision voltage stability for sensitive applications. It meets Tier 4-Final emissions standards without diesel particulate filter (DPF) aftertreatment, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. Operator-friendly controls make operation and monitoring easy. The standard fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of run time with 110 percent containment for environmental protection.