Product Focus: Aerial work platforms

Altec truck AWPLighter chassis aerial lift
Altec Inc. recently expanded its AT MPS Series of articulating/telescoping aerial lift models. The units can be purchased with a steel platform for work requiring a non-insulating product. The models available in the series are the AT37/41/48 MPS, which offer working heights of 42 feet, 46 feet and 53 feet, respectively. They can be mounted on a 19,500-pound GVWR chassis. The series features Altec’s unique solar-powered LED system for lighting the platform controls for nighttime operation. The models will hold a one- (24 inch by 30 inch) or two-man (24 inch by 48 inch) end-mounted platform.

Custom Equipment Hy-Brid lift HB-1230Scissor lift for low-level access jobs
Custom Equipment Inc. offers the Hy-Brid Lift HB-1230 scissor lift for projects on delicate flooring, including tile, laminate, raised floors and mezzanines. It is an alternative to mast lifts with an 18-foot working height that is ideal for construction contractors. The 30-inch by 55-inch platform can hold 550 pounds and features an extension that adds nearly 29 inches of length, so users can carry more tools and supplies than mast lifts. The unit weighs 1,610 pounds and features dual front wheels that distribute the machine’s weight for lower wheel loads. The lighter lift allows users to get onto poured concrete several days sooner than heavier models. The counter-rotating wheels reduce friction to traverse tile or carpet without marking or tears. The compact unit can navigate congested spaces.

CMC 60L liftLight-duty lift
All Access Equipment has recently introduced the CMC 60L. This light-duty lift is extremely compact and versatile, providing benefits and advantages in various industries. With a width of just 30 inches wide in transport mode, this compact crawler can pass through most doorways and can navigate through narrow corridors and tight spaces. Weighing in at just 5,732 pounds, this tracked lift is easy to transport on an equipment trailer and has a low working ground pressure to assure a safe and damage-free work site. The lift can go almost anywhere and its features allow for work to get completed faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before, resulting in a greater return on investment, All Access sources claim.

Genie XC boomsTelescoping boom lifts
Genie has updated the legacy Genie S-105 and S-125 telescopic boom lifts with the Genie SX-105 XC and SX-125 XC booms with industry-leading dual-lift capacity — 660 pounds/1,000 pounds — and a smooth operating envelope. They have 80 feet of outreach, the ability to work 8 feet 10 inches below grade and have a stable 12 foot 11 inch by 13 foot 6 inch operating footprint. The new booms comply with the proposed ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards and their design automatically retracts the boom as they reach their operating envelopes, eliminating saw-tooth operation and producing a smooth, full range of motion throughout the working envelope. Both models offer 135 degrees of vertical jib rotation. The units have the Genie mini XChassis axle system that extends to 12 feet 11 inches for stability or retracts to 8 feet 2 inches for transport. The models have zero-load field calibration and the booms have a load-sense cell that monitors weight to prevent overloading.

Teupen TL72A liftCompact track-mounted lifts
Teupen USA offers the TC69A-IN insulated and TL72A compact track-mounted lifts. The TC69A-IN is designed to eliminate the safety concerns of working around power lines. It has a 68 foot 2 inch platform height and a horizontal outreach of 34 foot 8 inches. The fiberglass upper boom is insulated to category “C” ANSI A92.2 standards and has a 46,000-volt rating. The TL72A compact tracked lift replaces the TL69A unit, offering 39 feet 4 inches of outreach and a platform height of 72 feet. It can be powered by its 14.5-hp. diesel engine or an onboard electric motor, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The TL72A-BAT model features a Relion AGM31 gel battery to power the unit.

Forever ODM scisor-boom liftScissor-boom lift
Forever-ODM Inc. adds its patent-pending 32/15 Scissor-Boom lift that offers rental companies a way to buy the unit at a scissor-lift price and rent it out at boom-lift rental rates, Forever-ODM sources report. The 32/15 Scissor-Boom lift has a 15-foot platform outreach at 32 feet high. This combination allows it to do the same job that would need to be completed with a boom lift in the S40/S45/Z40/Z45/S46/Z46 range. The company will soon add a 45/22 Scissor-Boom lift that has a 22-foot platform outreach up to 45 feet high. This model will do the same job that would otherwise require a S60/S65/S68/Z60/Z68-sized boom lift. The new models, which will be ANSI A92-compliant, should be available by the end of 2017.

JCB new lift lineNewcomer to aerial work platform market
JCB has signaled its intention to become a major player in the $8-billion global powered-access market with the launch of a range of scissor lifts and articulated and telescopic booms. By the end of the year, the company will offer 27 totally new access platforms, covering more than 80 percent of the access rental market. The machines also comply with the latest ANSI and CSA standards. The lineup will include nine electric scissor lifts from 15 to 45 feet, three diesel rough-terrain scissor lifts, four diesel articulating booms from 50 to 80 feet, one 45-foot electric articulating boom, and 10 diesel telescopic booms from 65 to 135 feet. The platforms will initially be offered in North America, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

JLG 600S boom liftRedesigned telescopic boom lifts
JLG Industries Inc. has redesigned its 600 series telescopic boom lifts. JLG sources report the machines offer class-leading platform capacity, allowing operators to carry more tools and material. The 600S has an unrestricted capacity of 600 pounds, which represents a 20 percent increase over its prior model, and a restricted height/reach capacity of 1,000 pounds. The unrestricted capacity of the 660SJ has increased by 50 percent to 750 pounds, with a restricted capacity of 550 pounds. Lift speeds are faster and can complete multiple functions at once so users can reach full height quickly. With a properly equipped truck, two units can be moved at one time without an overweight permit. The units have the JLG SkyGuard enhanced control that activates with approximately 50 pounds of force to stop machine functions and temporarily reverse the unit for enhanced operator safety.

Skyjack SJ85 AJ boom liftArticulating boom lift
Skyjack introduces its SJ85 AJ articulating boom, the largest of its articulating boom models and features all of the same design elements that made the SJ63 AJ a hit, Skyjack sources report. The unit has exceptional up-and-over clearance with a class-leading working height of 91 feet, horizontal outreach of 56 feet and an up-and-over clearance of 34 feet. The SJ85 AJ features Skyriser riser design that offers true vertical rise without drifting. Its Speedyreach open-center knuckle riser design allows the fly boom to travel between maximum platform height and ground level in less than 70 seconds.  The unit has dual platform capacities of 750/500 pounds and a two- or three-person rating. The Easydrive direction-sensing drive and steer controls maintains its positioning regardless of the turret position over the chassis. The Axldrive axle-based drive system offers excellent rough terrain traction.

Reechcraft  Power LiftsPush-around aerial work platforms
Reechcraft offers the M20 and PL60 PowerLift push-around aerial work platforms. Sources report they are the most portable powered lift available for indoor and outdoor use. The units feature PowerTrak, a patented drive system coupled to a replaceable steel track that can be driven by a drill/driver or a manual crank. The PowerLift M20 is the lightest low-level lift available and is simple to operate, sources report. It weighs 278 pounds, has a 350-pound platform capacity and a 14.3-foot maximum height. The PL60 weighs 310 pounds, has a 350-pound capacity and a 19.5 foot maximum platform height. Both meet ANSI A92.3 standards.

JLG scissor lift Narrow electric scissor lift
JLG Industries Inc. introduces the 4045R scissor lift that is only 45 inches wide for tight work areas and enables side-by-side transport on most trucks and inside containers. Side forklift pockets make it easy to load/unload. It has an innovative self-centering five-level scissor design with fewer linkage points vs. competitive six-level models. It is the only scissor lift in its category with an indoor/outdoor rating. Operators can drive the machine at full height indoors and at a maximum 28 feet outdoors for enhanced versatility.

UP Equip Easy LiftTracked telescoping lift
UP Equip adds the compact, 35-inch wide Easy Lift 87-48AJ telescopic boom to its aerial work platform line. Its triple telescoping boom can reach 87 feet with 507 pounds in the basket or up to 48 feet outreach with 265 pounds in the basket. The unit weighs 7,935 pounds and is available in diesel engine plus electric AC motor, Li-ion battery plus charger, diesel engine plus Li-ion battery, or diesel engine plus Li-ion plus AC motor power options. Its extendable track carriage is standard; it self-levels and has 14 inches of ground clearance.

Haulotte 85-foot reach boom85-foot telescopic handlers
 The Haulotte Group has developed the HT 85 models that offer a new range of 85-foot telescopic booms that will be available in three models. The HT85 RTJ O features a jib, two-wheel steering, 360-degree rotating turret, oscillating axle, Haulotte ACTIV’Screen, STOP Emission System and is ACTIV’Lighting System-ready. The HT85 RTJ PRO model features a jib, four-wheel steering, 360-degree continuous rotating turret, oscillating axle, Haulotte ACTIV’Screen, STOP Emission System, ACTIV’Lighting System and the Haulotte ACTIV’Shield Bar 2. The units have 85-foot platform height with maximum 78 feet 2 inch outreach. Units can lift 500 pounds or up to 770 pounds with the dual-load option. The HT80 RT O, which will soon be introduced, features an 80-foot telescopic boom.

Tracked Lifts offers OmmeliftsTracked and trailer lift line
Tracked Lifts Inc. offers the OmmeLift tracked multi-terrain man lifts and trailer-mounted aerial lifts. The compact manlifts use a live hydraulic system for reliability and easy repair. Many models can fit through a standard single door and the tracked undercarriage makes passage possible over soft, muddy or delicate finished surfaces damage-free. Select units can even climb steep inclines and staircases. They are powered by a Honda engine or 110-volt electric motor. Each system is independent, providing system redundancy. A Dual-Electric Power model with a 24-volt battery and 110-volt AC power is available for exclusive indoor use. Tracked units can be trailer-transported behind light-duty pickups, vans or SUVs. They can also be craned into sites or moved in freight elevators. These units are the ideal solution for rental fleets, tree service, ground maintenance and all exterior/interior aerial applications.