Asset sharing: A win-win proposition

Clair Urbain photo
Clair Urbain, Editor, Pro Contractor Rentals magazine

Visiting with the management at Noble Iron, which is this issue’s featured rental center, was as interesting as it was fun. A prominent piece of furniture in the office is a ping-pong table where heated challenges take place daily. It’s definitely something I have never seen in the hundreds of businesses I’ve visited over the years.

What else is fun and interesting is the company’s approach to serving the major metropolitan area of Los Angeles. In spite of notorious traffic, it chooses to work out of one facility instead of several outlying branches.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing at Noble Iron is how they work with customers who own under-utilized equipment and help them maintain, store and even rent out that equipment. It turns a liability into an income source for the contractor and helps Noble Iron expand its rental fleet without a substantial capital outlay. The equipment gets timely maintenance and secure storage plus a return on equipment that would otherwise sit in their less-secure yard and consume cash flow.

They call it asset sharing, and with nearly a year under their belts, it’s been successful enough that they plan to continue to develop relationships with contractors to further expand their equipment rental fleet. They see repair-rebuild-replace infrastructure jobs dramatically increasing, and it is a logical path of growth for the company that until recently focused on aerial
work platforms and telehandlers.

The Noble Iron story, with its heavy lifting emphasis, is a natural lead-in to other stories in this issue. Industry experts share insights on the expanding rough-terrain telehandler market as well as news on the latest models available. Plus, with ANSI A92 standards coming online, there are many new developments in aerial work platforms and we feature several new models that will meet or even exceed those new standards.