Product Focus: Compactors

New models built for versatility.

Weber MT SRV 300 vibrating rammerRammer engineered for pipe supports
The Weber MT SRV 300 vibrating rammer is ideally suited for compacting around conduits or pipes. Operating with utmost precision and one-centimeter accuracy, it allows the machine, at times, to be slightly tilted. At just over 70 pounds, it provides the operator effortless, flexible and safe handling even in tilted positions and tight spaces. Its space-saving dimensions and low weight make the machine easy to transport. A single person can load and transport the rammer in a small van or hatchback. The unit is powered by a 4-stroke Honda gasoline engine that has been modified by Weber MT. Its powerful GX 35 engine offers outstanding startup performance. Reliability of operation is guaranteed by a sturdy engine guard and the modified and more powerful air filter fitted into the unit.

MBW compactorEasy to maintain compactors
MBW’s hydraulic shifting reversible plates solve maintenance problems that have long plagued plate compactors. MBW exciter systems are vented to prevent damage to shifting mechanism seals. Worn shifting seals are readily serviced from the outside of the patented exciter assembly, eliminating the complicated process of opening and exposing the exciter assembly for service, so maintenance is simplified and service time is dramatically reduced, MBW sources report. Plates are available in 24- or 26-inch widths.

Dynapac new compactor modelsLight compaction equipment line
Dynapac Construction Equipment announces its extended product line of tampers, forward and reversible plate compactors, walk-behind compactors and articulated utility rollers. The equipment will be available worldwide and Dynapac sales and after-market channels will fully support customers with technical service, training, parts and warranty. Continued strategic investments will further strengthen and expand the network, Dynapac sources report. Product introductions will begin Q2 2018 and the complete range will be available by the end of 2018.

Wacker Neuson remote-controlled trench rollerTrench roller
Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 Smart Control 3 trench roller offers a safer trench roller compaction solution through its use of line-of-sight infrared control vs. radio frequency-controlled units. The unit allows the operator to stay out of the trench and away from machine dust and noise. This infrared control technology eliminates dangerous blind spots if the roller moves behind obstacles and other obstructions, or should the operator get distracted, keeping the job site and workers better protected. The machine will stop moving and vibrating if the operator/controller comes within three feet of one of the roller’s three sensing eyes or if the joysticks are released. With the three receiving eyes strategically located on the machine, the RTxSC3 continues operation along the trench without interruption even as it travels under shoring cross bars. With 16-channel transmission, multiple rollers can be operated on the same job site without interfering each other.

Chicago Pneumatic MV58A compactorForward plate asphalt compactor
At only 150 pounds, the MV 58A compactor from Chicago Pneumatic is lightweight, powerful and robust. An integrated, tubeless water distribution system prevents asphalt from sticking to the plate. The machine also leaves zero tread on the asphalt and eliminates regular plate and pipe cleaning, which saves operators time. It has a durable frame to protect crucial components and is powered by a 3-horsepower Honda engine. A corrosion-free one-gallon water tank has an easy-to-reach flow adjustment valve.

Bomag BVP 12/50 A asphalt compactorSingle-direction plate compactor
The Bomag BVP 12/50 A single-direction vibratory plate compactor is specifically designed for asphalt compaction, expanding the machine’s use beyond traditional soil compaction. Its base plate is designed to avoid asphalt material pushing, shoving and scuffing to deliver a superior finish. The wear-resistant, cast-iron base plate delivers exceptional service life; the base unit weighs less than 150 pounds and has a balanced single lifting point so it is easily moved around the job site. The standard sprinkler system with removable 1.8-gallon water tank prevents asphalt material from sticking. With more than 400 square inches of coverage and a working speed of up to 82 feet/minute at an amplitude of 0.043 inches and centrifugal force of 2,698 pounds, it quickly compacts materials to specified densities.


This article was originally published in the July August 2018 issue of Pro Contractor Rentals magazine. All rights reserved.