Posted February 12, 2015

Sullair/Dow Chemical Launch New Air Compressor Lubricant

Sullair has a new air compressor lubricant, produced by Dow Chemical. Sullube is a high-performance polyglycol-based lubricant that prevents the formation of varnish and helps keep compressors running clean and cool. With eight years of research, development and testing behind it, the formulation now improves lubricant life up to 10,000 hours.

The new formulation combines the benefits Sullube has historically provided, states Sullair's Tim Kruto, Senior Product Manager, Aftermarket Products, and adds additional value with the extended fluid life. The Sullair/Dow relationship goes back three decades, explains Flavio Kliger, Market Portfolio Director for Performance Lubricants, Dow Chemical Company, and the companies "share an uncompromising commitment to quality." 

Dow has relied on Sullair compressors and Sullube to help keep its own compressors running optimally, the companies state. 

To launch the improved formulation of Sullube, Sullair and Dow have been conducting training sessions and webinars with Sullair distributors throughout the world.  Additionally, a website has been launched – – to provide additional information and resources about Sullube and other Sullair compressor lubricants. Click here to visit