Posted February 9, 2015

Proxibid/Ebay Partnership – Options to Help You Sell, Buy Equipment

At last week’s World of Concrete event, eBay and Proxibid announced a partnership designed to make heavy equipment accessible to a broader audience of buyers, producing more options for companies to move their used equipment inventory.

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Proxibid serves as “online market for high-priced assets,” explains Ryan Downs, president and CEO. They serve 15 categories, including construction and ag equipment, have about $2 billion in asset value on their platform now ( and their technology can bring live auctions online, deliver timed online-only auctions, plus instant purchase and “make-offer” selling and buying opportunities.

They are not an auction owner, explains senior vice president Jason Nielsen, “but we partner with people offering auctions.” With the buy/sell capability, though, comes an important, underlying advantage, he says, with Proxibid’s ability to prevent buyer fraud, ensure seller validity and have a secure, trusted buying environment. “A simple problem becomes huge when you consider the scale of what we provide; we’re reaching 55,000 to 65,000 new customers daily,” he says. Using proprietary technology that tracks 8,000 (!) variables, they help ensure buyers are qualified and “have the capacity to pay and will pay.”

Proxibid, based in Omaha, NE, was founded in 2001, releasing its first platform in 2003. The company’s objective, they say, has always been to provide trust, transparency and rules of engagement so that two anonymous parties have a great experience in the transaction.

For dealers and rental centers, Proxibid offers two advantages. First, of course, you can find several sources for equipment to buy for your fleet. But it also offers a product to help you sell your equipment, Downs says. With a storefront on your site “we can provide transactional capability for any a dealer, rental center or other fleet owner.”

“You can have 24-hour-per-day sales capability on your site with sound risk management tools,” Nielsen adds.

From eBay’s standpoint, “there’s a tremendous demand for this type of equipment to be bought and sold online” explains Robert Francis, eBay general manager for business and industrial emerging verticals.

That demand, along with what Nielsen calls “simple and seamless tools” for rental centers and dealers, would let you show your equipment to a large, qualified audience of buyers. If that helps you move more equipment at a better price, it’s worth taking a look at what they offer. 

Mike Martin