Human resource issues in rental operations

American Rental Association shares tips on hiring, managing employees.

You might think that human resources (HR) functions apply only to employee hiring and terminating. While these are major issues, there are definitely more that must be faced when you are running a rental operation.

The American Rental Associaiton (ARA) has identified the top five concerns and offers tips on how to handle them!Take a look at the top five and learn how to handle them effectively. 

Finding and retaining the right employees. “Hire for culture and make an ongoing effort to ensure that employees are engaged in the company’s mission, vision and values. An employer should also make sure that roles have clearly defined success indicators. We recommend that your rewards and total compensation plan reflect the outcomes you want to promote,” says Eric Cook, associate director of HR Services at Mammoth HR — the company partnering with the ARA to offer the member-exclusive Human Resources Assistance Program.

Staying in wage and hour compliance. “Ensure that all managers are properly trained on the relevant wage and hour regulations. This includes understanding overtime, time tracking, exemption criteria, meal and rest break laws and independent contractor requirements,” he says.

Workplace culture. “Establish clear channels of communication for employees and take the time to identify what your company’s core values are. It’s important that these values are present in the workplace, in your business decisions and in the way you approach professional relationships,” Cook says.

Dealing with uncertainty in the regulatory landscape. “Subscribe to resources that will notify you of relevant regulatory changes, so you don’t have to use your valuable time fact-checking everything that you hear or read,” he says.

Staying up to date with paid sick leave trends. “Follow state legislation and local ordinances along with any obligations as a federal contractor to ensure that you’re aware of any impending employment obligations. Once these go into effect, state and city governments will often release details that outline specific employer obligations. Mammoth HR is always happy to provide resources, sample policies and guidance around the administration of paid leave programs as well. This is also a great time to look at what paid leave you want to offer, how it is run or used to entice applicants,” Cook says. 

To learn more as well as how ARA members are handling issues that have come up in their business, read the March/April issue of ARA Advantage, a newsletter specifically designed to help ARA members get up to speed on issues impacting their business. 

For additional HR assistance, check out ARA’s Human Resources Assistance Program. This free ARA-member-exclusive program provides two free “Ask the Pro" phone calls or online questions, unlimited online access to customizable tools and documents, and email updates on changes to state and federal laws that may affect your rental business.