Bomag new equipment featured at CONEXPO 2017

Bomag delivered five new products for compaction and stabilizing tasks at CONEXPO 2017. 

The new Bomag BM 2200/75 cold mill, BVP 10/20 single-direction vibratory-plate compactor, BW 28 RH pneumatic-tired roller, BW 211 DH-5 single-drum vibratory roller and RS 500 recycler/stabilizer feature improvements that reduce operating costs and improve productivity and safety.

Bomag BM 2200/75 cold mill

Bomag BM 2200/75 cold mill
Bomag 2200/75 cold mill can mill up to 86.6-inch widths.

With its powerful 760.3-hp diesel engine, the new Bomag BM 2200/75 delivers high-performance milling of half-lane widths reaching 86.6 inches at precise milling depths of up to 13.8 inches. Offering range of quick-change milling drum options and efficient transition of engine-to-milling power, this largest cold mill in the bomag product line is ideally suited for high performance applications such as major county roads, highways, interstates and airports.

Perfected over decades of design research and field experience, Bomag’s unique BMS 15 milling tooth holder system delivers superior milling productivity with low wear to extended service life by up to 30 percent over other cutting systems. The base tooth holder features a maintenance-free bolt-on design that does not require retightening to reduce service time. Featuring a low-resistance profile, the tapered tooth retainer claw delivers more cutting power with less wear. When cutting tool changing is required, the holder’s quick-change design requires approximately a quarter of the time required to change a full set of teeth compared to conventional systems, increasing machine uptime availability.

Built with high quality hardened materials, the milling drums for the new BM 2200/75 feature optimized cutting tooth arrangement for high efficiency asphalt removal. The base section of the cutting tool holder is identical for all drums, giving contractors a lower cost for replacement parts. Material ejector plates boast a symmetrical design, so they can be rotated and used twice, cutting replacement costs in half. The drum’s heavily loaded edge cutter is protected by high-performance hardened chromium-carbide wear elements to increase service life, and easy access to the tool edge shortens the time for tooth exchange. With the machine’s quick-change drum design, contractors can easily switch from the standard drum for general milling to a fine milling mandrel for close tooth spacing to the power drum for demanding applications.

The BM 2200/75 mill’s 35.4-inch wide inner and outer conveyer system quickly removes material from the cutting chamber at a flow rate of 285.5 cu. ft. per min. The outer conveyor swivels 60 degrees left or right of center and discharges material at a height of 16.4 feet, allowing the mill to efficiently convey material to trucks positioned at either side of the machine. For machine transport, the conveyor hydraulically folds to reduce machine height and length, improving flexibility and ease of moving the mill from site-to-site.

An integrated service platform simplifies and significantly reduces the time for daily maintenance procedures, further improving machine uptime. All major service points, including the water system, air filter, cooling system and engine components are centralized for fast access, while high visibility markings help the technician to quickly locate machine service points The mill’s standard auxiliary one-cylinder engine provides supplemental power for refilling water tanks, cutting tooth replacement and machine cleaning, significantly reducing fuel consumption for these maintenance tasks. Accessed from ground level, large storage compartments allow for transporting tools and replacement parts.

Mounted on rubber isolation buffers, the operator platform design minimizes vibration feedback to the operator, ensuring a comfortable working environment. The rotor and platform’s central machine positioning gives the operator excellent view of both edges of the cutter housing and the entire working area to improve operating safety. The mill features an adjustable operator’s seat that slews and swivels 45 degrees for fatigue free machine operation. Logical gauge positioning and self-explanatory controls on the dash panels improve operator efficiency and allow new operators to quickly learn machine operation. 

The 760.3-hp. liquid cooled diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The 4-crawler mill features all-crawler steering and crab walk and delivers a maximum working speed of 0- 229.7 feet per minute. Simple selection of three milling speeds – ECO/Torque, Universal and Speed – via a three-stage switch offers excellent utilization of torque and power for higher productivity with reduced fuel consumption and less wear.

Bomag plate compactor
The Bomag BVP 10/20 single direction vibratory plate compactor weighs just over 100 pounds.

Lightweight single-direction plate compactor
BVP 10/20 single direction vibratory plate compactor weighs just over 100 pounds, making it the lightest single-direction vibratory plate in its class and features a balanced lifting point, so it can be quickly loaded and unloaded from the transport vehicle without any support equipment.

While small in size, the new BVP 10/30 vibratory plate delivers on compaction performance. This flexible walk-behind compactor has a compact design with its 11.8- by 20-inch plate width and length, making it perfect for compacting confined spaces and into corners.

It generates 2,250 pounds of centrifugal force at working speeds reaching 82 feet per minute, making it the right plate for landscaping and earthwork contractors, building contractors and maintenance crews. By equipping the plate with its optional vulcolan mat, the unit is ideal for setting paving stones.

The new vibratory plate incorporates many field-proven Bomag design features that deliver reliable operation to reduce long-term operating costs. Rubber buffer mounting of the 2.8-hp. Honda gas engine minimizes damaging vibration feedback to the engine to maximize service life, while the low oil alert feature automatically turns off the engine before major component damage can occur. Built tough, the BVP 10/30 features a maintenance free exciter to reduce service time. The machine’s enclosed V-belt guard keeps material from entering the chamber for a longer service life with fewer repairs.

Several features of the new BVP 10/30 plate compactor serve to enhance safe machine operation. Its hinged handle features rubber mounts to effectively minimize vibration transmitted back to the operator’s hands and arms for more comfortable operation. The V-belt guard fully encloses the belt’s movement to protect the operator from injury. Compactor lifting handles help to advance safe loading and unloading from the transport vehicle.

Pneumatic tire roller

Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic roller
Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic-tired roller improve compaction performance across a wide variety of applications.

The new Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic-tired roller features a large 106 cubic-foot ballast compartment and efficient weight ballast changing system to boost wheel loads and improve compaction performance across a wide range of applications.

This new roller offers a broad range of operating weights from 18,960 to 61,730 pounds and a higher maximum wheel load than former models of 7,715 pounds for deeper static compaction than previously achievable.

The new flexible ballast system design of the BW 28 RH pneumatic roller features the option of adding concrete, steel and/or underfloor weights plus water, dry sand or wet sand to quickly adapt machine weight to the application, resulting in optimum compaction performance.

With the ballast system, contractors can install four 1,653-pound concrete weights, four 3,307-pound steel weights or two 1,543-pound underfloor weights in a matter of minutes. The 106-cubic-foot ballast compartment accommodates up to 6,614 pounds of water, 9,920 pounds of dry sand or 13,228 pounds of wet sand to increase machine weight and wheel load.

Offering an 80.4-inch compaction width, the roller’s eight offsetting tires overlap by 1.3 inches to assure consistent, full-width coverage on each pass. The BW 28 RH roller’s front axle features three-way pivoting to ensure even weight distribution across all tires, and the wheels’ kneading and flexing action seals the asphalt surface for optimum quality. The machine’s asphalt temperature sensor lets the operator know that the roller is compacting the mat inside the correct temperature range. The optional tire inflation system varies tire pressure from 29 to 116 psi, giving operators an efficient way to ensure the right contact pressure.

This roller’s distinctive new front end design significantly improves visibility to the outside tires and the tops of the tires, allowing the operator to efficiently compact next to obstructions and detect debris pick-up. To reduce material pick-up and improve surface quality, the BW 28 RH roller features a pressurized water system with one fully adjustable spray nozzle per tire to ensure full-width coverage of each tire.

Available scraper coco mats are spring-loaded and can be tilted to help assure uniform water distribution on each tire, while optional heat retention shields allow the tires to quickly heat up and maintain of high heat uniformity during operation.

The new BOMAG BW 28 RH pneumatic tired roller is powered by a 134-hp. Deutz diesel engine that meets stringent Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards. Featuring Ecomode load-dependent operation that automatically matches engine output to the application, this new pneumatic roller offers up to 30 percent fuel savings over previous models. The roller also runs quieter, boosting comfort for the operator and workers at the jobsite. The machine’s one-piece, tilt-up hood offers unhindered access to all engine service points from ground level, reducing maintenance time.

Oversized steps leading up to the spacious platform allow the operator to quickly and safely enter the workstation. The new pneumatic roller features a similar operator station design concept to that of all Bomag rollers, affording fast learning of machine control. An adjustable seat is fully rotatable along with the steering wheel and slides the full length of the platform, so operators can take advantage of 360-degree machine visibility. A new rocker brake pedal spans the full length of the platform to give operators safe access to braking function at all times. Bomag’s field-tested multi-function arm rest is connected to the movement of the joystick for comfortable operation, and the driver’s seat, joystick and compact steering wheel are placed for the highest levels of operator comfort.

For conducting on-board machine diagnostics, the roller’s multi-function display at the operator’s station provides a wide range of fault detection and service information, so issues occurring during machine operation can be quickly pinpointed and corrected. All machine service points are quickly reached from the ground to maximize machine uptime operation. The 52.8-gallon fuel and 89.9-gallon water tanks are conveniently located for fast filling, minimizing routine servicing time.

Single drum roller can climb steep grades

Bomag BW 211 DH-5 singele-drum roller
The new Bomag BW 211 DH-5 single-drum vibratory roller features a dual pump drive system, allowing it to climb grades as steep as 60 percent.

The new Bomag BW 211 DH-5 single-drum vibratory roller features a dual pump drive system, allowing it to climb grades as steep as 60 percent. The efficient drive system dedicates one travel pump for drum drive and a separate pump for the rear axle, which includes No-Spin differential lock, so the machine delivers enhanced gradeability in forward and reverse travel directions. 

Built for high-production compaction of mixed soils, gravel and rock fill at depths reaching 27.6 inches, the BW 211 DH-5 roller features a balanced front-to-rear-frame weight distribution and high compaction forces that rival heavier class machines. Its dual-frequency, dual-amplitude vibratory system matches compaction output to site needs. Setting the drum to 1,800 vpm (30 Hz) with amplitude of 0.075 inches efficiently compacts high lift thickness. For increased productivity when compacting thinner lifts, the operator can set the vibration system to 2,040 vpm (34 Hz) and a 0.039-inch amplitude.

The new BW 211 DH-5 roller is driven by the field-proven 128-hp. Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 diesel engine, meeting Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) emissions standards. By matching engine speed to the task at hand, standard Ecomode speed control lowers fuel consumption by up to 30 percent vs. operating at continuous high idle and reduces noise levels for more comfortable operation. Contractors can lower fuel consumption even more and reduce engine wear by equipping the machine with the optional Bomag Ecostop function, which automatically shuts down the engine after a defined idle period.

The new machine design concept for the BW 211 DH-5 roller is focused on lowering total cost of ownership. In addition to the fuel-saving engine technology, contractors achieve savings through longer machine service intervals and maintenance-free component designs. The roller’s simple, operator-friendly concept features a control panel similar to that of other Bomag compactors, reducing the time and cost for training new operators. Additionally, available compaction measuring technology, such as the optional Bomag Economizer and Terrameter, let the operator know when optimum soil stiffness is achieved, eliminating unnecessary fuel- and time-consuming passes and the potential for over compaction and costly material replacement.

The BW 211 DH-5’s maintenance-free, 35-degree articulation joint requires no lubrication to improve machine uptime and features up to 12 degrees of oscillation to keep the drum and wheels in constant contact with the ground when encountering irregular terrain, improving compaction performance. The roller’s wide-opening, hinged hood grants unobstructed access to the engine and components for fast servicing, while all cables are protected against damage to improve machine reliability. Reached from ground level, oil dipsticks, filters and machine fill points are quickly accessed to shorten the daily maintenance routine.

The roller’s spacious cab offers excellent all-around visibility of the work area to improve compaction efficiency and operating safety. A fully adjustable seat and adjustable steering wheel column provide a custom fit to each operator, and operating controls feature logical gauge positioning for self-explanatory operation, boosting comfort and productivity. Mounted on rubber buffers, the operator’s platform isolates machine vibration from transferring to the operator for fatigue-free operation, even during long shifts.


Bomag RS 500 recycler/stabilizer
The new Bomag RS 500 recycler/stabilizer features an exclusive offsetting rotor design to significantly boost operating flexibility and safety.

The new Bomag RS 500 recycler/stabilizer features an exclusive offsetting rotor design to significantly boost operating flexibility and safety.

With the capability of being shifted to either side of the machine, the up-cut rotor and housing assembly extend beyond the wheels’ edge. This allows for safe stabilization of soil slopes and asphalt recycling right up to the road’s edges without requiring the wheels to drive in marginal ground conditions.

Exclusive Flexmix technology on the new RS 500 machine gives operators unsurpassed control over reclaimed material gradation in road recycling applications. With Flexmix, three infinitely variable gradation bars can be adjusted to achieve the target material size setting with uniform results. The rotor hood crusher bar includes cutting teeth positioned in the opposite direction of material flow to improve material sizing and grinding efficiency.

Two planetary gears provide maximum torque for the rotor’s powerful and efficient hydraulic-mechanical drive system on the RS 500 Recycler/Stabilizer. Continuously variable rotor speeds ranging from 100 to 180 rpm provide optimum mixing speed control matched to the application to lower tool and rotor wear, increasing machine uptime. The machine’s heavy-weight rotor delivers maximum flywheel mass to easily recycle and stabilize the most demanding applications at depths reaching up to 19.7 inches.

The new RS 500 features Bomag’s quick-change BRS 05 tooth holder system to reduce the time required for cutting tooth replacement. Designed specifically for stabilization and recycling applications, BRS 05 holders are constructed with high wear-resistant steel and a positive tool connection for safe operation. A single tool-change switch disables all machine functions and the rotor hood stays securely in position to increase tooth changing safety for service technicians. A standard on-board air compressor with connection port for air tools greatly facilitates daily maintenance and tooth replacement.

For moving this new recycler/stabilizer, a unique machine design improves transport efficiency and lowers transportation costs. The RS500’s height-adjustable cab can be lowered for a total machine transport height of only 122 in (3,100 mm), so it can be quickly moved from site to site using a low-boy trailer. In conjunction with the adjustable cab design, a 99.6-inch  machine width means no special permits are required for machine transport, further reducing long-term costs.

The machine’s standard ROPS/FOPS cab offers comfortable, climate-controlled operation and excellent all-around visibility of the work area. The rotor’s centralized positioning offers milling to both the left and right machine sides, and the sliding operator’s station improves visibility to both machine edges. The seat also swivels 270 degrees to ergonomically position the operator for optimum visibility and fatigue-free operation. Large, overhanging glass surfaces extend to the cab floor, giving operators an excellent visibility for safely maneuvering the machine round the jobsite.

The RS 500 features a 510-hp. Tier 4 Final/Stage IV diesel engine, offering abundant power for efficiently recycling the most demanding applications. Hood panels offer quick and convenient access to the radiator, filters and other engine service points. If necessary, the hood can be completely opened at the touch of a button, offering unimpeded access to the engine and components. The machine’s standard auto lube system consistently greases machine joints during operation to increase the recycler/stabilizer’s longevity and reduce daily maintenance time requirements. Large stowage areas offer convenient storage for wear parts transportation and are accessible from ground level for safety. For machine cleaning, the RS 500 also features a high-pressurized cleaner with large water reservoir.

Optional injection systems increase the operating flexibility of the new Bomag RS 500 recycler/stabilizer. Its available fully automatic water injection system with full graphic display efficiently adds the correct amount water to the soil in stabilization applications. For asphalt emulsion applications, the optional asphalt emulsion injection system features two microprocessor-controlled pumps that operate independently to assure the precise material mixing.

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